Leads without leaving home: the best simulators of cars for Android

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Table of Contents

Accessories for drive with your smartphone and Android tablet

The current quarantine forces you to spend the day at home, something that can end up causing boredom. Our Android mobile can be a distractionthanks to the huge selection of apps and games that we have available. Besides being a good opportunity to learn or refine something, like learning to drive, thanks to simulators of cars.

In the Play Store we find simulators of cars that we can download in Android. Thanks to them we will be able to lead without leaving the house, a good help if you were taking the driving license, or if you miss driving. In addition, there are also car games that opt for the style simulation, for a fun-filled games.

Simulators of cars to learn

If you were in the process to get the driving license, but now you can’t take practical classesor do you want to go practicing before they even started, the simulator drive for Android may give you a better idea on how to drive. They are not as realistic as the options that there are in driving schools, but at least it is a good solution to be able to practice in these moments.

Simulator of Car Parking: Car Games 2020

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A game that seeks to improve our skills of driving and parkingso that we cover two essential aspects at the time of driving. There are a number of levels within the game, the difficulty is increasing, so that it will be putting to the test our abilities to drive or park. From avoid crashing into other cars, all kinds of obstacles, tight spaces, awkward angles… All kinds of elements that will not be easy, but that is a good option between the simulators of cars.

This game is free to download on Androidalthough there are adverts and purchases in its interior. The ads are quite enough, and the purchases are optional, for access to other additional levels.

Driving School

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A game in which learn how to drive all types of vehicles, such as cars, buses and trucks, in all types of environments also. In the same there are more than 50 levels where you have to learn how to drive these vehicles, in different conditions and types of asphalt, which will make the difficulty go on increase. Highlights within this field of simulators of cars, because we can use the clutch and manual gearbox, in addition, allows you to play by tilting the phone, but also with a tactile steering wheel or a gamepad with buttons.

The game can be downloaded for free on Android. In its interior there are ads, in addition to purchases, which are optional (price between 0.99 and 11.99 euros).

Car Driving School Simulator

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One of the simulators of cars for Android most popular and best rated, and with which to be able to have an experience as if you’re inside a real car. This game it is a thought for you to learn to drive, in addition to knowing the rules, because they force us at all times to follow the traffic rules, so that we can move forward in the same. There are 26 different cars from which to choose, in addition, we will be circulated by realistic situations (traffic, traffic lights, signals, have to park) so that is a very realistic.

This game can be downloaded for free on Android. In its interior there are ads and shopping (optional), with prices of up to 25.99 euros.

Simulators car racing

If what you want is to have a car race, as if you were in a competitionbut you’re looking for something very realistic, there are a few games that can meet this need. Since there are titles that can be viewed as simulators, although in this case, car racing. We’ll leave you two games that you should not lose sight of in this field:

Real Racing 3

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The EA game is one of the simulators of cars, or racing simulator in this case, more interesting than we find in Android. For those who looking for racing very realistic, is a game to be reckoned with. One of the aspects that make it so interesting is that there is a huge selection of cars available in the game, including Formula 1 cars, so you’ll be able to have races of all kinds in the same, in the 19 circuits that are available in its interior.

You can download this game on Android is free. As is usual in this type of games, there is shopping in its interior, to unlock additional options (cars, brands, or additional circuitry), with prices of between 1.09 and 109.99 euros.

Leads without leaving home: the best simulators of cars for Android 4

GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience

Leads without leaving home: the best simulators of cars for Android 5

Another game that is found within the genus, or about it much, the simulators of cars, in place of a car game or racing common. We promise a racing realistic with more than 71 different carin a total of 13 circuits and more than 1,400 different events. In addition, this game features with the multiplayer mode, which will allow you to battle your friends, each from his or her home. Thanks to the four cameras that are entered within the game we get a realistic driving, which allows this unique experience while we’re playing.

Download on Android is freealthough in its interior there are ads and purchases. The purchases will allow us to unlock some additional options. Their prices range from 0.99 up to 99.99 euros.

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