Kiwi Browser frees your code and forever changed the browsers of Android

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One of the advantages of Open Source projects is the possibility of improving other products to allow their code to be studied, or even replicated. One of the best examples is Chromium, the project is based on the Google Chrome browser, as well as a large part of the alternative browsers for Android.

One of our favorites is Kiwi Browser, browser that two years after its launch, gives us a big surprise, and it is that have released their source code to complete. This decision is brilliant and will help so many other browsers will improve dramatically.

Kiwi Browser is released to the full, thus improving the rest of browsers for Android

Kiwi Browser is not a browser exactly new, and that is that we have already spent time discussing him. It is a browser that uses it, like many others, Chromium as a base, offering a great experience in browsing the web while they can focus on their differentiating characteristics.

Kiwi Browser frees your code and forever changed the browsers of Android 1

These features can now be studied and implemented by other browsers as long as they follow the license (the developers of Kiwi’s use the same license of Chromium, so that this project can be used as a better base polished Chromium).

But what is it that makes it special to Kiwi Browser over other browsers? In my experience using the browser, these would be the most relevant:

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  • Your night mode: instead of using the dark mode of Chromium, used one improved which is able to darken and also the content of the sites.
  • Blocking ads: the easy way we will be able to block annoying ads. In addition to the lock, we will have a granular control of exceptions (although nobody forces you to do so, a brief reminder to talk to you about that, keeping us as exception support to The Android Free).
  • Chrome extensions: the same extensions of Chrome computer, on your mobile.

After completely break free from, these improvements should begin to reach out to other browsers. However, if you want to have them as our recommendation is that install Kiwi Browsera browser is completely free and available on Google Play.

If you’re a developer, you can access the code of Kiwi Browser from GitHub.

The input Kiwi Browser frees your code and forever changed the browsers of Android appears first in Android Free.