JoyDroid, the app to use Android as a controller for the Nintendo Switch

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Table of Contents

It is an entire novelty, since it takes little time is available for download, in fact the app is still in alpha phase. However, the developers have decided to release it to the public to go to collect data and implement improvements. Therefore, we will highlight the most relevant aspects and to show how to configure the app.JoyDroid, the app to use Android as a controller for the Nintendo Switch 1

Gives only to a JoyCon

One of the main features of the Nintendo Switch is that their remotes, the JoyCons, offer a great variety to your sensors and his large pad, all in a small space. However, the app is able to incorporate all of the push buttons of both remotes on the small screen of the smartphone, something very eye-catching.

JoyCon Droid (Public Alpha)
JoyCon Droid (Public Alpha)

The reality is that the feeling of driving the controller from the screen is not the same, it is for this reason that the buttons must be larger in order to better detect the touch of our fingers. Even so, in a game that requires skill or quickness to handle the command, you’ll notice that you find it difficult to acknowledge some movement, less comfort when playing.

joydroid bluetooth pairing

But if what you want is to enjoy games like Mario Party, Pokémon, or other title that has controls more basic, can be used as a controller without problem. We will only need a Bluetooth connection to pair the smartphone with the console, but it requires the version of the HID Profile, the same that uses the Android operating system Foot. Therefore, all mobile that contains a version lower than Android 9, is ruled out to use this appso to check if we have this add-in you leave this app.

Bluetooth HID Profile Tester
Bluetooth HID Profile Tester

How to configure JoyDroid

Once you install the app, if your Android version allows it, we can on it to configure some parameters. First, we must choose if we are going to use the full control, the JoyCon right or the left for the app to make a mapping more accurate. This is something that comes in handy in games where you participate two or more persons, because it allows you to compensate for the absence of a JoyCon with the mobile. Well, we have already chosen the way in which we are going to use the controller, now tap to pair the device with the console through the activation of the Bluetooth.

configuration joydroid

When you see a pop-up window that asks for a Bluetooth address, the ignore and click on “Later”, and accedremos the command that you have selected. Then the app asks us if it can match the Nintendo Switch, we will select the answer “Yes”, while in the console we will access the section “Controls” (icon of a command), and “Change order” right after. In this menu, press the L and R buttons -the screen will display as SL and SR – to complete the pairing, and it will be all ready to play with our smartphone in the Nintendo Switch. The app contains ads integrated, so that if we do not want to disturb us banner advertising there is a paid version with a value of 5,99 euros.