It’s official: the OnePlus cheap is called Nord, and you can already reserve it

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In the last few weeks, OnePlus has made official his return to the sources, some sources that did mobile cheap but very good quality for the price content. Many ventured that this OnePlus one would be called Z or Z-Lite, but finally the company has revealed that it will be the official name: OnePlus Nord.

When OnePlus announced the return to the cheap mobile, they did, announcing a new account on Instagram called OnePlusLiteZThing, a name that for many was a sign of the new name, but as we mentioned, was part of a wry response to the leaks, leaving the possibility that it was a different name. And finally, it will be as well.

OnePlus Nord, the new cheap mobile from OnePlus that you can book

After several days, raising expectations from your Instagram, OnePlus has made official its new mobile phone, a mobile phone that promises to go back to the origins of the brand. And we are not only referring to the price.

One of the aspects that characterized OnePlus in its inception was the difficulty to get a unit. Due to its limited production, the sales of OnePlus is made through the invitation, and on this occasion, the new OnePlus Nord will be almost as exclusive as the firstborn of the company.

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[Turn on sound🎧🎵] We thought about making great mobile tech accessible to everyone. So we made it. Again. And we got it all on film. 🎥 Watch New Beginnings Episode 1 right here on IGTV. #OnePlusNord #NewBeginnings

A publication shared OnePlusLiteZThing (@onepluslitezthing) 30, Jun, 2020 at 5:01 pm PDT

To start with strength, the company has created a documentary, which will come in parts and we can already enjoy the first one. Not only this, the OnePlus Nord also has a official website to begin to make reservations.

It's official: the OnePlus cheap is called Nord, and you can already reserve it 1

Something that we don’t finish to convince about this movement of marketing is that we don’t know any feature of the mobileits not even final price. The booking is with limited units, paying 20 euros in advance to receive promotional items from OnePlus and the right to buy the mobile when it is available.

Without a doubt, a launch very bold, in line with what OnePlus had made in his early years. A new beginning, from the first time seems made for make happy to the fans more ardent supporters of the brand.

The entry Is official: the OnePlus cheap is called Nord, and you can already reserve it first appears in The Android Free.