It’s not you, Telegram is failing in Spain

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It's not you, Telegram is failing in Spain 1

Despite the fact that WhatsApp is the leading application in Spain, alternatives such as Telegram have a sufficient user base so that, if you and your contacts use it, it is an even better option than the Facebook messaging service.

Normally one of the times when more Telegram installations appear is when it is down. Does the same happen when Telegram does not work? Today is a good time to find out, since, as you may have realized, Telegram is causing problems in Europe.

No, Telegram is not working well in Spain

During the last hours it is likely that you have had some kind of problems using Telegram. In my personal case, I saw how some users could write messages to me, while when I wrote, a permanent clock would appear indicating that the message was being sent. If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation where Telegram’s behavior is erratic, don’t worry.

The company itself has confirmed that in recent hours they have had problems with users in Eastern Europe, although from here in Spain we have also suffered the consequences. The company indicates that although the problems have been fixed, there may be some residual users that are still not doing well. At the moment I am in those users, and although I receive messages, they go by streaks.

It's not you, Telegram is failing in Spain 2Heat map of problems | Source: Downdetector.

The solution? Well, wait for the moment, since it depends on the company detecting the problem that is in its servers so that everything returns to normal. When it comes to messages, if you are conversing with someone and they don’t respond to you, you don’t need to sulk, because they are not ignoring you on purpose.

Do you really have something urgent?Use more direct routes like phone calls or common messaging apps between you and the person you’re talking to.

It's not you, Telegram is failing in Spain 3

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