Items to discover in Kingdom Builder

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Table of Contents

In this way, there are some tricks or items that you can get from this game mode, and that can be rewards very juicy. Despite the simplicity of this game, is not just to run forward and jump over obstacles, because the developers of Super Mario Run we have reserved a number of surprises hidden throughout the levels.

Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run

What is a Kingdom Builder?

Surely the most experienced in this game to know plenty of what that is, but not all know how to improve your kingdom. And is that to access this game mode do not need to pay the 9,99€ corresponding to enjoy all the content.

kingdom builder super mario run

As we know, there are three game modes in which we can run with the varied cast of characters of the saga Super Mario. Is the Story mode and the endless kidnapping of Peach by the wicked Browser, a Career mode in which you compete against the brands of other players in the world, and finally this Kingdom Builder. In this section, we will be the architects of our own kingdombuilding to our liking and playing the levels that we want, though, they will be necessary all the coins collected in the two game modes above.

What can you discover in Kingdom Builder?

Many of the objects that we get for Kingdom Builder are purely decorative and without any weight in the game, but there are some of them that can help us to get this characters collectibles of the game.

Strive to get the coins roses

She is serious, do not go to the next level until you get all the coins roses that are on the level. There are other currencies, such as gold always or black, also can get while you run. In each level there is 5 currencies rosewhich of them, allow you to purchase special items in the store, which can serve to improve the kingdom and unlock items or characters.

super mario run coins rose

It is true, you’re not a robot, and it is unlikely that you can get all the stars first, that’s why you can repeat the level all the times that you want. And it is advisable to do so, because parts with the advantage of knowing your location and harvest them all at once.

Purchase special items

These special objects are the ones that offer you the possibility to unlock levels or characters of the saga. This way, if you purchase houses Luigi, Yoshi or Toadette for your kingdom, those same characters appear to be able to run with them. In addition, you have to buy other items also for decoration, or buildings, as well as rays of rainbow to connect one area of the kingdom with another, in the event that one of them already we don’t is space. This will make the Toads are kept happyso that will continue to work for your kingdom and getting more coins that you can collect.

Get Toads of all colors

Of those special objects, there are several that are not even available through the investment of coins, but you to comply with certain requirements to have access to them. These requirements are very varied, but tend to predominate the different colors of Toads, which vary between blue, red, yellow, and green.

toads super mario run

To get them, you must compete in the Career mode against other players, because that way you will get followers for the color that you are looking for, be competing against rivals who possess this Toad in particular. You must obtain a minimum of followers to qualify for this special object.

Bonus: Unlock the character Toad

Unfortunately, almost all the characters that you can choose to use them, or are through the payment of the full version, or accumulating many coins or followers, Toad. It is true that Mario is the icon of this series, but always want to change a bit of character, and we can get one without spending absolutely nothing.

get toad super mario run

That is Toad, which comes free of charge without us even realizing it. Normally the game does not warn about such a gift, though before it will be necessary to link the account of Nintendo with any e-mail or Facebook to be eligible for this reward. The steps are the following:

  1. In the main screen, we go to the icon of three horizontal bars.
  2. It will display several options, choosing to “My Nintendo”. We will open a sort of popup browser.
  3. In the section “Rewards”, a little down and there you will find a Toad. We select and press on “Redeem”. What we will have available in the Gift Box.

So we will get to the sympathetic companion of Mario, with which we can participate in all the modes that the game has, including the Story mode.