Is Samsung working on a folding tablet?

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Samsung has launched new folding mobile phones this year in Spain. The brand is being the main supporter of this type of devices, and promises to continue betting strongly in 2021 with the launch of five new folding devices. Until now, it was assumed that these devices would be mobile, although one of them may be a folding tablet.

A new patent registered by Samsung shows a new device, that could be part of the Galaxy Z Fold range. Although unlike the devices launched this year, this model could be a tablet instead of a smartphone

Samsung works on a new folding model

Samsung folding patent

Several patents have been registered that show new Samsung folding models, although there is one of these patents that raises many doubts, due to the format of this device. It seems that this model bases its design on the current Galaxy Z Fold 2, but it is striking that even when folded, it is still very wide, more than a smartphone.

This is what has generated doubts, in addition to the supposed space for the USB-C of the same, which is what makes us think that the brand is currently working on a folding tablet. The two folds in this device would give many possibilities, being able to use the whole screen or part of it depending on what needs to be done at all times.

Two new folding mobiles

Samsung mobile folding patent

The second of the brand’s patents shows us a folding smartphone in the shape of a Z. In this design, what is striking is the position of the four cameras, since they are located in the central part of said rear part, although it could change if it is launched on the market. Being folded, the screen is quite narrow, and the front camera of it is not seen at the moment, nor is it known if there will be one.

Samsung folding new patent

Samsung’s third patent is inspired by the Galaxy Z Flip launched this year on the market. This model would fold twice, instead of just one like on the phone this year. It can be folded from the top, so that the rear cameras also act as front cameras. In addition, also the lower part of the screen, where the navigation buttons would be located, can be folded.

If both sides are folded, this model could not be used as the screen is completely covered. When fully deployed, the screen appears larger than the 6.7-inch panel of the Galaxy Z Flip released this year.

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