Integration with Google Assistan and alarms with music

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Table of Contents

And is that you do not lack to have a watch of an infinite number of options and tools, many times rewarded more functionality and a nice presentation. This app has two things, offers a utility very direct, without giving bluntly but with an interface Material Design and some added element.


Brief review of the app Watch Google

As we say, simplicity is the flag that often carry all of the conglomerate of applications from Google. We found a interface cleardivided into four sections and with some options that are very little visited, as are the settings or to send comments by functionality issues that are reserved in the icon with three vertical dots.

watch google

On the other hand, these four sections are intended for the alarm clock, analog or digital clock,- parameter that you can set a timer, and a stopwatch. Functions that are not surprised at anything, because that is not something that you do not have the competence, highlighting simply the possibility of check the time in any part of the world with that access in the bottom of the screen.

Alarms with music from other platforms

The best is yet to come, and that is in the app Clock Google, you can set different melodies from other platforms. In the first place, one of them is called ‘Calm Sleep’, in which we can download songs very relaxing, allowing for a dawn smoothly.

clock google alarm with music

On the other hand, there are other platforms to choose it as Spotify or YouTube Music so that you can choose your favorite music. Yes, we say music in place of song, as it is not possible or select the specific song of an album or to determine the part that should sound the alarm for the morning. To choose the type of alarm, just select the icon of the bell.

Integration of the Clock of Google with Google Assistant

Unfortunately, Google Assistant it does not help to solve this small lack of customization, but offers other features that are very interesting. There are few apps watch on Android that have a total integration with a wizard, and more in the case of Google. To enjoy this tool, you need to head again to the “Alarms”, and select the line where it says “Routines in the Wizard of Google”.

watch google google assistant

After opening a context menu, it will show all the tasks that you can meet with the virtual assistant. Among them, it is possible to adjust the media volume or lights of the devices with support for Google Assistant, as well as listening to news, events of the day, check the time or disable the silent mode. All of these tasks are to be fulfilled depending on the frequency of such alarm, as if it is not checked, the routines, the wizard will not be displayed.