Instagram updates including a recycle bin

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Instagram has become one of the most used applications when it comes to sharing photos. This makes a lot of content that we want to publish there, and we do not always maintain the opinion when we do it and when a time passes.

That is why the app allows us to eliminate the content in a simple way, both the photos and videos in the feed like the stories.

Now the developers have updated the app with a very useful feature called “Recently Deleted”. It basically works like the recycle bin on our computers.

The recycle bin comes to Instagram

The new feature will come to Android and iPhone users, although not immediately.

When the application has been updated we will be able to access a new section within the Settings. This option, called “Recently Deleted” (Recently deleted), will host the elements that we have deleted in the last hours.

Instagram updates including a recycle bin

There will be four sections where the different types of publications are located: photos, stories, reels, etc. If we click on any of them, we will be asked if we want the publication to be restored.

The elements that we delete will go to this bin but they will not stay there forever. The stories will be automatically deleted after 24 hours, unless we have them on file. The rest of the elements will be deleted after 30 days. However, we can delete them manually in Settings> Account> Recently deleted.

Instagram updates including a recycle bin 1


The Instagram entry is updated including a recycle bin appears first in The Free Android.