Instagram copies TikTok again with Reels Remix

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The ability to copy Mark Zuckerberg’s companies no longer amazes us, and every few months we see how he plagiarizes news that we see on other platforms.

The last to be shot is the most popular option of Tik Tok and that is that if with Reels Instagram it sought to prevent the flight of users, as it did with stories and Snapchat a few years ago, now it wants to prevent them from leaving for the duos of the app China.

The latest feature in copy have been the TikTok duos who hit Instagram under the name of Remix.

How to Remix a Reel on Instagram

Instagram copies TikTok again with Reels Remix 1

The new feature was briefly announced in a tweet on the company’s official Twitter profile. When we are in a Reel to which we want to respond with another video we simply have to click on the three dots icon in the right area and there select the option of Create Reel Remix.

Once there, click on the icon to record or upload a video from the gallery. When we finish we can edit the video with voice over, putting stickers, etc.

When we finish we can publish it, download it or leave it in drafts to be able to edit it later.

Instagram copies TikTok again with Reels Remix 2


The entry Instagram re-copies TikTok with Reels Remix appears first in El Androide Libre.