Instagram and TikTok videos are integrated into Google search

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It is very common for Android users in Spain to use the Google search engine to search for videos. When it comes to showing results, it is usually videos from platforms such as YouTube that appear, although this is something that will change soon. Short videos from Instagram or TikTok are integrated in the search engine and will show up as results when you do a search.

Trials with this integration have begun in the United States, but will soon expand to more countries. When you do a search in Google on your mobile, among the results you can watch Instagram or TikTok videos, which you can later open in the applications on your mobile.

The Google search engine integrates with Instagram and TikTok

Watch video

For a long time, the Google search engine integrated videos in its results, although the normal thing is that they were YouTube videos. This selection is now expanded with the presence of short videos from Instagram or TikTok in those results. These videos are already beginning to be shown with certain search terms, although currently in a limited way.

The format in which they are displayed is the usual one in these cases: short videos related to that topic, in the form of a carousel with cards. By clicking on one of these videos, it will start playing. We can also choose if we want to open said video in the corresponding application, Instagram or TikTok.

With this integration in the Google search engine we we avoid having to search within these applications. As usually happens in this type of case, it is in the United States where the deployment of this integration has begun. It is expected that over the next few weeks it will be launched in more countries, although no dates have been given for such a deployment.

An integration that contributes to an improvement in the search engine, in addition to the other improvements that recently arrived. Soon you will be able to see these Instagram or TikTok videos integrated into the results when performing a search from your Android mobile.

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