Increase the memory of your mobile: 128 GB for 17 euros

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In Spain there is a large catalog of mobiles that are capable of expanding their internal memory using microSD memory cards. There was a time of this type of memory when it seemed that they would cease to have a presence, but far from disappearing we are in a great moment for them.

If your mobile has a microSD card and you have enough storage, Black Friday is your ideal time to expand the capacity of your mobile. From 17 euros you can add an extra 128 GB to your high speed mobile, and even much more. We tell you which are the best cards you can buy.

Memory cards for your mobile: increase 128 GB for very little money

The microSD card option has always been a feature that allows us to enjoy our mobile phone for longer, in addition to having the possibility of simply saving our information so that when we change mobile we do not have to transfer it.

On Black Friday there are several memory cards that are on sale, we have highlighted 7, having options to add a large amount of storage on our mobile.

Increase the memory of your mobile: 128 GB for 17 euros 1

Our favorite for quality and price would be the SanDisk class A1, a standard that ensures that we can even install applications with good performance (in case that is your purpose, we recommend the SanDisk Extreme A2 more). For 17 euros, you can add 128 GB of storage, having options up to 512 GB.

Increase the memory of your mobile: 128 GB for 17 euros 2

In the event that your purpose is to store all the multimedia on your mobile, the Samsung EVO Select offers the best relation between capacity and price, with 256 GB for 33 euros and 512 for 65. It is a lot of space, but if you take a lot of photographs and you record video with your mobile you will appreciate it.

  • SanDisk class A1:
    • 128 GB for 17 euros.
    • 200 GB for 37 euros.
    • 512 GB for 75 euros.
  • SanDisk Extreme A2:
    • 64 GB for 10 euros.
    • 128 GB for 20 euros.
  • Samsung EVO Select U3:
    • 256 GB for 33 euros.
    • 512 GB for 65 euros.

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