If you want unlimited space for photos this is your best option after the end of Google Photos

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Google Photos is an application that thousands of Android users in Spain use to save all your photos. One of the great advantages of the application is its free unlimited storage, or rather it was, since this function comes to an end. As Google itself announced yesterday, from June you will have to pay for unlimited storage. Faced with this situation, many look for alternatives, such as Amazon Photos.

Amazon Photos is a service and application which offers unlimited photo storage for users with an Amazon Prime account. A tool that we can use in the Android app, as well as its web version, to have our photos saved and always available.

Save your photos with no storage limit

Amazon Photos home

In Amazon Photos you will be able automatically save all photos and videos of your mobile, so that you have a backup copy of them always available, in addition to being always protected and you can access from your phone or computer, through its website. The fact that they can be accessed from any device makes it especially comfortable, since if we want to download them or pass them between devices, we can use this app.

Amazon Photos smart album

The functions that the application gives us They are similar to the ones we have in Google Photos. You will be able to save the photos from the phone, make backup copies, as well as share them with other people through messaging or social networks. Photos are organized by date. If we want, we can create albums so that everything is well organized. If you want the photos you have on your phone to be organized into albums, in that section you have the Smart album option.

Amazon Photos create album

We also find functions such as displaying photos from previous years, similar to the memories function in Google Photos. In addition, you will not miss the photo editor, which Google Photos recently updated. In the Amazon app we have an integrated editor, which will allow us to make changes to the photos, such as adding filters, adjusting the contrast, adding text and more. So if we want to make changes to photos, it will be possible.

Amazon Photos editor

At the interface level, Amazon Photos does not present any complications. At the bottom we have three tabs: photos, albums and more. In the first one we will see all the photos that we have saved, organized by date. The second tab allows us to manage albums, being able to create our own albums, in addition to the existing albums on the phone. The third tab contains a series of options to configure the application. Moving between these tabs is therefore very simple.

How to download Amazon Photos

The Amazon Photos app It is available for free on the Play Store. To use the application we need an Amazon account, either the one we normally use or we can create a new one. Users with an Amazon Prime account will be able to enjoy unlimited free storage in this application.

If you want unlimited space for photos this is your best option after the end of Google Photos 1


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