If this leak is fulfilled, the OnePlus Watch will not have Wear OS

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If this leak is fulfilled, the OnePlus Watch will not have Wear OS 1

OnePlus has become one of the preferred brands for the most enthusiastic users, and little by little they are expanding their range of products to smart televisions or activity wristbands that have not yet reached Spain. The next product that the company plans to launch on the market would be the OnePlus Watch, its first watch from the company.

This watch would be presented together with the OnePlus 9 on March 23 and after the first leaks we know some of the key features of the company’s first smartwatch.

First features of the OnePlus Watch reveal that it would not wear Wear OS

The well-known leaker Ishan Agarwal has leaked the first features of what would be the OnePlus Watch. Such a watch would have a series of functions that would make it a good mid-range product. Among its characteristics, the following have been revealed:

  • 46mm dial.
  • 4 GB of internal storage.
  • Automatic sports detection.
  • IP 68 certification.
  • Health monitoring:
    • Heart rate.
    • Stress measurement.
    • Blood oxygen saturation.
    • Sleep tracking.
  • Software customized by OnePlus:
    • Notification control.
    • OnePlus TV remote control.
    • Make and receive calls.
  • Quick Charge Warp Charge:1 week of autonomy with a 20 minute charge.

Although it is not explicitly mentioned, the details about the charging technology show that the OnePlus Watch would have at least one week of autonomy (and as fast-charging ads in accessories tend to be, it is plausible that its maximum capacity is 2 weeks). Why does this rule out Wear OS as an operating system?

At present we can classify operating systems for smart watches intotwo categories, those that use an advanced operating system (Watch OS, Tizen and Wear OS) and the more closed and specialized systems, where the rest of the watches are found.

If this leak is fulfilled, the OnePlus Watch will not have Wear OS 2TicWatch Pro 3: the most advanced watch with Wear OS.

Autonomy has become a metricto determine the capabilities of a watch. The more technical capabilities to support applications, the heavier the system becomes and the less autonomy it will have. Smart watches with better battery life do not do it with magic, but by the use of more limited operating systems in which only the functions designed by the manufacturer exist.

In this particular situation, we can deduce that if the leak is true, the OnePlus Watchwill not have Wear OS, although this we will not be able to know until the moment of the presentation.

The entry If this leak is met, the OnePlus Watch will not have Wear OS appears first in The Free Android.