I finally found the perfect screen protector for curved screens

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I’ve never been a big fan of screen savers. When I receive a mobile to do an analysis, I usually remove the protector that arrives pre-applied almost immediately. This is not because you hate having a screen protector, far from it. It just happens to me like mobile cases, that if I can’t find one that I feel comfortable with, I prefer to go without it.

Despite being a careless person, I have never valued the inclusion of accessories for protection and the only mobile with which that led me to a path of horror was with the Nexus 4. I am not willing to wear a crappy protector to solve my notable clumsiness and I prefer to be more careful, but I have never stopped looking at the screen protectors, informing myself about the types that were and what their properties were.

And finally I have found the perfect screen protector, for me and the mobile that accompanies me in my day to day.

Finding a screen protector is difficult when your mobile has a curved screen

One of the trends that I like least in the mobile industry are curved screens, and that is that beyond their aesthetics, they do not provide any kind of utility and only cause problems. They break more easily, repair them is more expensive and they do not provide any comfort. To top it all off, light reflections are annoying and finding the right screen protector was an impossible task.

I finally found the perfect screen protector for curved screens 1

Hydrogel screen protectors have been on the market for quite some time, but up until now I have kept them with suspicion because normally many people have complained about the rubbery finish they have. Beyond that, its best virtue is being able to adapt to curved screens, so as soon as I have been able to find a model that had a matte finish on Aliexpress, I have been encouraged to try it.

I finally found the perfect screen protector for curved screens 2

The protector arrived a month ago and I have been wearing it on a daily basis on my Galaxy Note 10+. The matte finish is great, and although in the first days we noticed some friction, with use it has ended up being a very soft and pleasant touch. Being matte is a great plus, since I finally eliminate annoying reflections from the screen by diffusing the reflected light. You can still see the reflection of the curve, but at least it is much less annoying.

I finally found the perfect screen protector for curved screens 3Bubble-like marks on the edges disappear after days.

At the curvature level, it does not cover 100% of the front, but it does cover the entire curvature of the screen. This is only appreciated when we carry the mobile without a cover, since when we put the cover on it, the entire uncovered part is protected by the screen protector. The protector promises a certain resistance to impacts, although this aspect I have neither tried nor intend to test.

I finally found the perfect screen protector for curved screens 4

It is possible that while reading this you have thought that I am a little special with accessories, and the truth is that you are right. My choice of a perfect screen protector is the ideal one for the mobile I’m using and my particular criteria. If you are in a situation similar to mine, well, hey, at least you already know that they exist and that for the price they cost they are worth a try.

Curved and matte hydrogel screen protector.

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