‘Hyperball Legends’: a free alternative to ‘Rocket League’ for Android

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‘Rocket League’ It has been reaping successes since 2015. The combination of cars and football works, even more if combined with the format free to play. This is a delivery not available for Android, but there is a pretty good, fun alternative that practically any mobile can run.

It’s called ‘Hyperball Legends’, weighs only 38 megabytes and accumulates more than 100,000 downloads in the Google Play Store. We are going to tell you how this works alternative to Rocket League for Android, since it comes in quite handy for free time.

The ‘Rocket League’ for Android is called ‘Hyperball Legends’

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‘Hyperball Legends’ is a fun 3vs3 game that is quite inspired by ‘Rocket League’. Its minimum requirements and graphics are very undemanding, so practically any phone can run it. The mechanics are quite simple: matches of two minutes, three against three and try to score as many goals as possible.

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We have controls to move, accelerate and to shoot at the door. It is quite easy to get around the field, as the controls are precise. We play against bots, and the more games we win, the more difficult it will be. In the same way, we can personalize the car with various aesthetic elements.

The game is free, although it has purchases within the app to unlock some improvements. None of these improvements are necessary to win games, just our ability to play.

Hyperball Legends

Hyperball Legends

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‘Hyperball Legends’: a free alternative to ‘Rocket League’ for Android

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'Hyperball Legends': a free alternative to 'Rocket League' for Android 1

'Hyperball Legends': a free alternative to 'Rocket League' for Android 2