Huawei will sell Honor for more than 15,000 million dollars

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Huawei will sell Honor for more than 15,000 million dollars 1

Huawei has had one of its most difficult years in 2020. It is possible that this could change in 2021 with Joe Biden as president of the United States, but it is also possible that the relationship of China and the United States will not change enough that the technology company can use Google services and applications again. .

The latter is what will affect the brand in countries like Spain, where it was fighting to be number one with Samsung and where now it even has to fight against newcomers like OPPO.

Huawei is finalizing the sale of Honor

Huawei Logo

We have been hearing rumors for weeks that Huawei is working with different firms to finalize the sale of its subsidiary Honor, so that the company can again use Google services and have access to the international market for components.

Now Reuters has given the exclusive that this sale will be closed shortly to a consortium in which is the company Digital China and also the administration of the government of Shenzen.

The amount of the sale is estimated at 100 billion yuan, just over 15 billion dollars at the exchange rate.

This sale would include not only the brand, but also the R&D departments, the manufacturing chain, etc.

Things might not change much with Biden

Honor logo

That after the announcement of Joe Biden’s victory, China has been one of the few countries to not immediately congratulate the politician indicates that caution is one of its strongest traits.

This also affects the fact that they do not take for granted that a Democratic administration will be of help to Huawei, so the Honor sale strategy continues.

The future of Honor

Huawei is expected to make the official announcement in a few days, and the new owners are planning to keep the firm’s more than 7,000 employees as well as take the company public in a few years.

Considering that one in four phones sold by Huawei were under the Honor brand, there is still a chance that the firm will regain the importance it has had until recently.


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