Huawei want Google apps in its own store

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Huawei want Google apps in its own store 1

Huawei continues to face the veto that he has imposed on Donald Trump, not being able to work with companies such as Google. This veto did not affect the mobile which were available in those days, but if that has been assumed to be a bother for the new generation of phones from Huawei.

Terminals such as the Huawei P40 Lite and P40 Pro are extraordinary, but without the Google applications and services lose many points to be your next mobile. Huawei would be thinking of a new plan, and it is the Google applications come to your own store.

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Google apps in the AppGallery, this is the new idea of Huawei

Huawei want Google apps in its own store 2

Today, the best mobile phones of the chinese company do not have any applications or Google services, and it is certainly a blow for the company, in the matter of devices exceptionally good. It is true that there are means to install the Google apps, but they are a risk to the security of your account, up to the point that Google has recommended not to install.

If Huawei do not get the services of Google Play, an alternative that you have thought of is the of Google to bring their services to the AppGallery, the app store’s own Huawei.

Eric Xu, executive of Huawei, confirmed to CNBC the following statement:

“We hope that Google services may be available in AppGallery the same way that the Google services are available through the Apple App Store”.

Huawei want Google apps in its own store 3

In recent days we have seen movements like Google with Samsung, which has begun to carry some of their applications to Galaxy Apps, the application store of Samsung mobile, something that struck us as a movement of the own Google in order to avoid that the Android that have been held for more than a decade forging to finish shredded.

If they can finally get it or not is something that remains to be seen. The company already said that there were possibilities of the applications of Facebook to come to your store, so that still all is not lost.

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