Huawei updates the design of the AppGallery to make it easier to discover new apps

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The AppGallery is Huawei’s application store, present in the brand’s mobile phones in Spain. The brand has now renewed the design of this application store, which is already reaching some users. It is committed to a somewhat more minimalist image in this new store design, which also gives prominence to certain sections.

The new design of the AppGallery is aimed primarily at discover new applications in an easier way, in addition to allowing easier navigation. The store is divided into two main categories: apps and games, which will allow a more comfortable use of it.

Huawei’s AppGallery launches design

Huawei AppGallery new design

Dividing the store into two main categories, as seen in the lower menu, allows for simpler use of the store. In addition, Huawei also gives a greater presence in the Featured section in this AppGallery. It is a section of editors, like the one on Google Play, where those most outstanding applications or games will be shown, due to their quality, which Huawei editors will select. This section will be kept updated continuously.

By entering the Applications category we can find applications to download on your mobile. You will be able to see the categories of applications, to be able to navigate between them and find the desired apps. In the games section it will be similar, where we will see the games available, as well as any promotions (games with discount or temporarily free). The fourth section, Yo, allows you to update apps and manage your profile and everything related to the store.

Huawei AppGallery new interface

The tabs of the applications and games in this AppGallery They have been updated as well, with some inspiration from the Play Store. Ratings are displayed at the top, allowing you to quickly see the rating for that app. In addition, more prominence is given to the screenshots or videos that show the interface or operation of this app. The Install button remains at the bottom of the screen.

AppGallery profiles apps

Huawei’s new AppGallery design is rolling out now in Spain, Germany, France, Sweden, Belgium and other countries throughout Europe. If you have a Huawei mobile, you may already be shown the new design of the brand’s application store.

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