Huawei starts selling a toothbrush with an intelligent assistant in Spain

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In September we were able to test the new devices of the Huawei ecosystem, which continues to move away from Google and the Android umbrella. Among those devices was a toothbrush that has an intelligent assistant, a brush that the brand now officially launches in Spain, with the name Lebooo Smart Sonic.

This new Leboo Smart Sonic becomes this way in the first product of the HiLink ecosystem to arrive in Spain. Huawei leaves us with a toothbrush with an assistant that can be controlled remotely with its AI Life app, for example.

An assistant toothbrush: this is the Leboo Smart Sonic

Huawei Leboo Smart Sonic operation

This new Lebooo Smart Sonic from is a Huawei AI Life compatible toothbrush. Has the ability to perform a real-time brushing monitoring, in addition to detecting its effectiveness. That is, it will be able to determine how well we are brushing our teeth and if we are doing something wrong, it can give us instructions to improve said brushing. Being connected to the app, the intelligent assistant is used for these instructions.

It has a total of 36 different cleaning modes, among which we find a special mode for sensitive teeth and gums or one for whitening. On the other hand, it has a total of four levels of force, which can be configured in the app. In the brush there is a pressure sensor, which will detect brushing and will tell us when we should press less, to avoid causing damage to teeth or gums.

Huawei Leboo Smart Sonic pressure

Users with this Lebooo Smart Sonic they can adapt it depending on their age, in order to select suitable brushing modes based on it. In addition, it is possible to create brushing routines, in order to maintain the best possible cleaning at all times, adapted to the user.

Huawei Leboo Smart Sonic battery

The battery of this Huawei brush has a capacity of 2,500 mAh. A single charge takes about eight hours, according to the brand, but it will provide up to three months of autonomy. The load in this case is wireless, as has been known.

Price and availability

From today we can buy this Leboo Smart Sonic in Spain, available in the official Huawei store. The sale price of this toothbrush is 64.90 euros, although on the occasion of its launch we can buy it with a 15-euro discount, for a price of 49.90 euros.

The entry Huawei begins to sell in Spain a toothbrush with an intelligent assistant appears first in El Androide Libre.