Huawei is willing to use smartphones with a Snapdragon processor

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One of the main aspects in the experience of using Huawei phones was the absolute control that the company had at the hardware and software level thanks to the design of its own Kirin processors. They may not be the fastest chip on the market, but they made up for being a notch below Qualcomm with excellent integration that allows their phones to have almost as good performance with significantly lower battery consumption.

In 2020 the situation is very different, and although it has been a year and a half since Trump banned Huawei from being able to negotiate with US companies, the situation is even more difficult. Huawei is not only unable to use Google’s mobile services, but also since September it cannot place new orders for ARM processors, which would put the company out of the game in the mobile industry.

Huawei phones with Snapdragon, a possibility for the Chinese manufacturer

It’s a matter of days before we get to know the new Mate 40, a mobile that could be Huawei’s latest flagship with a Kirin processor. Rumors indicate that although the company can no longer manufacture Kirin processors, it has previously acquired a large shipment to be able to supply its mobiles in the coming months. But what will happen when supplies run out?

Huawei is willing to use smartphones with a Snapdragon processor 1Kirin 990 5G, Huawei’s most powerful chip today.

There are several possibilities, although in any case they depend on the approval of the United States. From the outset, Qualcomm lobbied the US government claiming that it would be better for the United States for Huawei to buy processors from the Californian brand instead of making a blockade and to end up ordering the processors from other companies. On the other hand, MediaTek, despite being a Chinese company, requested permission to sell its chips.

In a scenario in which if you have the go-ahead you have a choice, the Chinese giant has been tempted to use Snapdragon processors in its next phones once the supply of Kirin chips comes to an end.

Huawei is willing to use smartphones with a Snapdragon processor 2The computers of the Chinese company can use processors from Intel and AMD.

Guo Ping, rotating president has confirmed that they are willing to buy electronic components from the United States, referring to Qualcomm, provided the government gives the green light and a sales license to the Californian company, in the same way that Intel may continue to sell PC processors.

At the moment we do not know if there is even a possibility that we will see a future P50 with Snapdragon 875. Huawei wants to collaborate with Qualcomm and Qualcomm wants to collaborate with Huawei. Now it only remains for the US government to want them to collaborate.

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