Huawei founder asks Honor to become his rival after sale

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A couple of weeks ago the sale of Honor was made official, until then Huawei’s secondary brand, and a brand with a great presence in Spain. This operation has given much to talk about, but it is seen as a movement to free this brand from the blockade that Huawei suffers from the United States, so that its sales are not affected any more.

Not being owned by Huawei, Honor could use Google apps and services again on their phones, something that could help improve their sales in Europe, which have plummeted in the past year. After this sale, the founder of Huawei hopes that the brand will be successful in the market.

Huawei founder wishes Honor luck

Honor 9X Pro

Ren Zhengfei, founder of Huawei, has asked Honor to be a competitor of Huawei now that they are an independent brand. The brand should now focus on sell, produce new phones and regain their place in the market. Especially now that many competitors have been taking advantage of Huawei’s fall in the market.

The sale of Honor has been necessary for the survival of this brand. Although Huawei has the ability to stay in the market, despite the drop in sales caused by the American veto, the staff of its sub-brand could lose their jobs due to the drop in sales, according to the founder of Huawei . This sale has saved the company.

Now that it is an independent brand, the founder of Huawei asks you to become a competitor in the market. Despite the history between the two brands, as well as the good existing relationships, from now on both will be rivals in the market. So they will have to compete for the approval of users.

On the other hand, for Honor to become a brand with a good presence on the market again, it can be a win-win for Huawei. Especially before a possible buyback in the future, something that would not be strange to happen if the blockade by the United States comes to an end at some point. Until that moment arrives, it will be necessary to see how both firms remain in the market.

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