Huawei Docs and Petal Maps: new substitutes for Google apps

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Table of Contents

Huawei Petal Maps

Yesterday’s presentation of the Huawei Mate 40, with three models in that range, is not the only news that Huawei has left us. The manufacturer, which seeks to recover some ground in Spain, is forced to look for alternatives to Google applications on its phones due to the American veto. The brand already has two own substitutes for Google apps, which have already been made official: Huawei Docs and Petal Maps.

Huawei Docs is the application that will replace Google Docs and it will allow users to edit their documents on the phone. While Petal Maps is Huawei’s own map application, having presented an alternative this summer that users could use.

Huawei Docs: the replacement for Google Docs

Huawei Docs

Huawei launches its own office suite with Huawei Docs, which has four main applications: Documents, Presentations, PDF and Spreadsheets. This suite supports up to 50 different formats, so that we can easily open any type of file that is sent to us or downloaded to the phone.

This suite will provide a better integration into the Huawei ecosystem, because it will allow document synchronization through the cloud using your Huawei ID. In addition, it allows working on the same document, presentation or spreadsheet, from other devices if the account is synchronized.

Huawei Docs to be launched in more than 100 countries, including Spain, although it is not yet available. The brand will launch this suite in beta form over the next few days and it will be available in the AppGallery, Huawei’s application store. So users can replace Google Docs on their Huawei phone.

Petal Maps: Huawei’s Google Maps

Petal Maps Huawei

Huawei also leaves us with its own maps and navigation application, which is launched with the name Petal Maps. This platform comes with 2D and 3D maps, to offer an experience and services similar to those we have in applications such as Google Maps on Android.

Thanks to this app we can search for sites or plan routes or find information about sites or businesses In addition, it will give us data such as the density of traffic on the desired route, as well as data on public transport and its rush hours. The application will be easy to control with gestures in the air, so that we can control it easily even while we are driving, thus avoiding distractions.

Petal Maps interface

Huawei confirms that Petal Maps maps cover and will be available in over 140 countriesas well as in 70 different languages. This application will also integrate its functionalities in Huawei phones, such as the aforementioned control gestures, when driving.

Petal Maps beta to launch soon on Huawei’s AppGallery, also available in Spain, so that users can start using this brand’s navigation application.

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