Huawei could buy processors from other companies on one condition

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Huawei has gone in a very short time from being one of the undisputed leaders in Spain to having its mobile business on the line. The absence of Google services was a problem for the Chinese manufacturer, which has gradually been solving with its own Huawei mobile services, but it seems that this was the least of its problems.

Even if the company has managed to create its own software ecosystem, one of the toughest restrictions was the loss of license for ARM processors, with the Kirin 9000 being the last that they can manufacture themselves. If we add to this that Huawei had no possibilities to buy processors from other companies, the Chinese giant was in a countdown to close its mobile division.

Fortunately, it seems that the situation will be less dramatic.

Huawei will be able to buy processors from other companies

The US government’s dispute against Huawei could be considered surreal to some extent. The Chinese company, far from losing the right to trade with US companies, has been losing the possibility of working with companies outside the US, having to request permission from the US government so as not to risk any type of sanction.

Huawei could buy processors from other companies on one condition 1The Mate 40 Pro could be the last with a Kirin processor.

One of the toughest has been the loss of ARM’s license, which terminates the Kirin processors. The Chinese giant has already expressed interest in being able to buy chips from Qualcomm so that its next mobiles have a Snapdragon processor, and both Qualcomm and MediaTek want to be Huawei suppliers. And it seems that it will be possible.

Huawei could buy processors from other companies on one condition 2

According to the Financial Times, and although an official announcement has not yet been made, the US government has allowed chipmakers to sell components to Huawei. This permission has an exception, and that is that the chips they sell cannot be used for the manufacture of 5G infrastructure (such as antennas), although it does not exempt the use of 5G mobile components.

This exemption from the US blockade of becoming official would be the salvation of one of Huawei’s main businesses, which was in a countdown of not being able to secure suppliers for 2021.

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