HTCMania has been hacked: nearly 1.5 million accounts exposed

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Internet as an information source has been used since its own creation. In some sectors, such as mobile telephony, online information has been almost the only relevant, even before smartphones existed.

And although, currently, web portals, Youtube channels and social networks are the biggest shop windows, the forums remain a source of information huge, on all n aspects very technical.

Today we woke up to the news that one of the biggest in Spanish, HTCMania, suffered a heart attack that would have compromised 1.5 million accounts of its users.

Users of HTCMania have been seen to have filtered your data

HTCMania has been hacked: nearly 1.5 million accounts exposed 1

The problem took place in January of this year, according to a report in the web haveibeenpwned, which collects the security breaches of online services of all kinds.

HTCMania: In January 2020, the Spanish forum of mobile phone HTCMania suffered a data breach of the site based on vBulletin. The incident exposed 1.5 million e-mail addresses to members, user names, IP addresses, dates of birth and passwords, MD5 and records of passwords. The data of the violation is redistributed later on web sites of piracy popular.

Compromised data: dates of birth, email addresses, passwords, historic, IP addresses, passwords, user names.

In particular have been 1.488.089 the compromised accounts, and some users are beginning to ask. We have been in contact with the administration of the site and we have received a response immediately.

A problem that goes beyond HTCmania

According to the administrator of the forum, reported in a thread on the same portal a few months ago, in fact, the portal was hacked, but not through the software of the forum, but from your provider, Comvive.

According to the administration, not an email was sent to those affected because there were many users who did not have an email available since at the beginning the portal is not required. It informed the users that they should change the password when you connect to the forum and was explained by what was to be done, linking to the same press release, that we link.

What to do if your account has been compromised

If you are a fan of mobile telephony is very likely that you had account on this portal. If so, the best thing to do is to change your password on that site, as well as change it on all services in which you used the same, something that is more common than it should be.

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