How to work from home with mobile: 6 key considerations

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Table of Contents

Samsung makes their phones into computers with Linux on Galaxy

All over the world are shooting the cases of condition by the CoVID-19, and this makes that more and more countries require a quarantine in homes. For this reason, many may not work, but others see a viable work from home on a temporary basis.

It is possible that many have a computer or laptop at home, but also it is possible to work from the mobiletaking into account a number of things.

Connect PC to a tv

How to work from home with mobile: 6 key considerations 1

In the case that we do not have a computer or not we can or want to use it, we don’t need to being restricted to a small screen even though we use the mobile. We can use our tv as a monitor in several ways.

  • Wirelessly: Using a Fire Stick TV or a Chromecast you can send the screen of our mobile phone to the tv.
  • With cable: using a HDMI cable to USB C we can do the same.

There are brands that will take you to another level, like Huawei or Samsung, with interfaces that are displayed when you connect cable the phone to the tv or a monitor.

Put keyboard and mouse

Analysis and opinion of the mouse Xiaomi: compatible with computers and mobile devices

In a similar way to what we have done with the screen of the mobile, we can do so with the introduction of text. We can use a keyboard or a mouse, both through a cable, using an adapter, such as wirelessly, via bluetooth.

Buy pack of keyboard and mouse bluetooth

Using apps in the cloud with the data that we already have

How to work from home with mobile: 6 key considerations 2

Work online, without the use of mandatory applications and files in our hard disk is very common today.

However, at this time, due to the fact that each worker will be in your home, use tools in the cloud, and the hosting of files online is much more convenient to have them every one on our computer and to run the risk of using different versions.

Connect a hard drive if necessary

Android USB OTG

If we do not tend to work in the cloud we can do it in local, but for that we need to connect a Pen drive or hard disk to our mobile. To do this you surely need an adapter, and know how to work the USB OTG feature of Android that allows us to do this.

  • What is the USB OTG, how it works and ways to make use of it
  • How to know if your phone has USB OTG, all of the steps

Listing apps collaborative with PC: video calls, chats….

One of the key pieces to be able to work from home with our mobile is able to communicate in different ways with people with whom we work, whether coworkers, customers, or people of another type. We want to focus on three categories.

Video calling apps

How to work from home with mobile: 6 key considerations 3

to be able to talk with our colleagues or co-workers, we use the moving lines, but given that the quarantine will last for weeks, at the very least, it is good to devise a video call, in an attempt to mimic the physical presence.

  • WhatsApp.
  • Google Duo.
  • Skype.
  • Zoom.

Productivity applications

Google Keep now allows you to undo and redo changes in the notes

Although every job is different, there are some applications that are useful for managing multiple functions. There are some very classic such as Dropbox or Google Drive and we wanted to gather those that might be more versatile.

  • Trello.
  • Microsoft Teams.
  • Google’s Keep.
  • Google docs.
  • Microsoft Office.
  • Skype.
  • Well-Being Digital.

Messaging applications

How to work from home with mobile: 6 key considerations 4

There are many options that are there when you communicate with other people. WhatsApp is the most widely used application, but it is true that there is the possibility of a fall due to the increased use in recent days.

For this reason, I have listed several alternatives, depending on whether you value more the simplicity of use, comfort, or security.

  • WhatsApp.
  • Telegram.
  • Facebook Messenger.
  • Line.
  • Signal.

Look for the area of best coverage

How to work from home with mobile: 6 key considerations 5

Finally, although it may seem contradictory, it is good to know in the house which is the area of best coverage.

On the one hand, we look at the Wifi, since it is possible that there are many differences in the function of the house that we have. You can see the analysis we made to the Amazon eero in Omicrono and how it affected the layout of the house to this.

On the other hand, it’s good to know which area is the best with 4G coverageif the wireless network is saturated.

Can you come more tips for this situation? Leave them in the comments.

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