How to view the screen of your Android on your PC without being root

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Table of Contents

There are occasions in which the screen of your mobile phone falls short to see according to what content. It is in those moments in which it misses the screen of a PC, although it is also true that certain documents can only have on your phone… and you don’t have a computer of confidence near to bring them out. What can you do then? Then you can use mirroringthat allows you to see the screen of your Android on your PC without the need of be root. What you will need to do it or what you’ll need already at home, or you can get it with just a few clicks (and the process is really simple).

Mirroring Android to PC wirelessly with AirDroid

There is a way to do this without the need of downloading any application on our computer (just on our phone) and through the web browser. We are talking about AirDroid, that is including a feature called AirMirror, and that allows us to just see the screen of our Android device in the web browser. To be able to begin to use this method, first of all, download and install AirDroid in your mobile phone.

As soon as you have it, open the application; it is not necessary for you to register. You will come to this screen, where you have to click on AirDroid Web:

Main view of AirDroidMain view of AirDroid

When you do, it will open a QR code reader:

Reader QR AirDroidReader QR AirDroid

Now go to the address web.airdroid.comwhere you’ll see the following:

Web AirdroidWeb Airdroid

Scan the QR code on the screen to connect your phone. When you do, you’ll see the following:

AirDroid with Android connectedAirDroid with Android connected

Click on the button Reflection to begin with mirroring:

Controls AirDroidControls AirDroid

And ready, you’ll see the screen of your device in your browser:

Android reflected in AirDroidAndroid reflected in AirDroid

Mirroring through USB cable

It is true that the more comfortable it is to use wireless methods, but may not always have that possibility. Still, if you have the option of using a cable to make the mirroring you will not need to be connected to any WiFi network. First, download the application Vysor for Windows and install it.

Once you have it, grab your phone and go to the path Settings > phone Information. Searches there the build number:

Phone information in AndroidPhone information in Android

Pressed repeatedly on it until you see the message on the screen Congratulations, you are now a developer! or similar. When you see the message, within the settings of Android, go to System > developer Options:

Settings system AndroidSettings system Android

Within this menu, look for the section Debugging by USB and activate it:

Developer options on AndroidDeveloper options on Android

Now, before you continue, download the app Vysor on your Android of the button that we leave below and install it on your terminal.

When done, open it up and moves from the welcome message. I ask you then connect the phone via USB to your PC:

First use of Vysor in AndroidFirst use of Vysor in Android

After, we will ask you to open the application Vysor in Chrome. When you do, on the screen of your mobile appears a message that asks if you want to allow the connection of your computer with your phone; tap Ok. On the PC you should see something similar to this:

Vysor on PCVysor on PC

If you click on View the screen of your terminal will be reflected in your PC:

Mirroring VysorMirroring Vysor

As you can see, both methods are very simple and were not of any difficulty.