How to view the history of played songs

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Table of Contents

Sometimes it happens to us that we listen to a song that we like and, for reasons of fate, that song is lost and we do not know the name. Almost all platforms already allow us to consult the content we have consumed from them, so it would be good to do the same with music on streaming. In fact, we can see the song history on Spotify.

And the fact is that although the mobile application has a recently listened to section that allows us to see part of the music played in recent days, the truth is that this function is limited to showing us groups and playlists.

A feature imported from the desktop version

The truth is not a Spotify original idea for its mobile version, but it is already something that was put into practice on computers. Nor is it that it is the same system, but before it was practically impossible to access the history if it was not for this new functionality.

We remember that in the app for desktop devices, there is an icon in the lower right where it specifically has the “History” section in a much more explicit way. It is not what we are going to find in Android, whose function is in a deepest place. It is something that undoubtedly should be improved to make it more accessible, but for now it can help us.

How to view song history on Spotify

Let us first bear in mind that the app must be up to date. Next, we enter the application to carry out a series of simple steps to access the playback history. We will do it with an option that does not appear so visible to the casual user, something very typical of Spotify in its attempt to clean the interface:

  1. We access “Library”, whose icon is located in the lower right corner.
  2. We open one of our playlists. In the event that we do not have any, click on «Create playlist». We give it a title and we give it to «Create».add spotify songs
  3. In the playlist menu, click on «Add songs».
  4. When we are on the screen to add songs, we have several lists. First, Spotify shows us a section of suggestions, followed by other sections with the genres that we have heard the most. It is not until the room that we find a list of the last 100 recently listened songs, which means that this is where the history history spotify
  5. We can reproduce a preview if we click on the name of a topic, or press the button “+” if we want to add it to the new playlist.