How to use the epic Bibi in Brawl Stars with these tricks

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Table of Contents

Bibi is a character that is within the category epicwith a bat as a lethal weapon, and a balance more damage than tank. Of all ways, is a character very versatile, since its level of damage is high and with a top up very early, while keeping a generous level of life without actually being a tank.

Brawl Stars
Brawl Stars

Strengths and weaknesses of Bibi in Brawl Stars

Shows his great strength in the basic attacks with his bat. As all the characters from Brawl Stars, they are 3 attacks available, but Bibi keeps a little secret. And is that account with a second bar, extra that, if consumed, will subtract energy for running and chasing his enemies. It is not that it is a differential aspect, since its maximum is to exploit its more than 1300 points of damage on short distances.

bibi brawl stars speed

Two aspects to keep in mind is that Bibi, to have all the bars recharged and ready to attack, it happens that the first blow with the bat fires the enemy at a certain distance. On the other hand, unlike other brawlers more heavy, his attack takes a few tenths of a second to make his strike, but while charging the attack can move simultaneously.

The attack super Bibi’s is a huge bubble that throws his bat at a distance for 5 seconds. In that interval of time, is able to bounce off obstacles and walls until we explode in an enemy, inflicting 1400 points of damage. His ability to star call Home Run, allows you to increase your movement speed of 700 points to 820 points.

How to play with Bibi in a game of Brawl Stars

In the first place, we must fix its weak point in its first blow core with the bat, since that fires a considerable distance to the wrestler opponent, and taking into account the little resistance in the career of Bibi, it’s an enemy we probably can’t finish off. However, there is a way to overcome this disadvantage, and is that we make sure that the enemy or our Bibi located near an obstacle or wall. That way, one of the two will bump into that item, thus avoiding a fly.

bibi basic attack

On the other hand, when faced with a game with Bibi in Brawl Stars, the main thing is to use to our advantage the movement of this brawler while charging your shot, accompanying the movement of the enemy in their attempt to flee. The game modes more suited for Bibi are Atrapagemas and starfighterto use a style that is more defensive if we use the rebound of the first blow with the bat to drive away the enemies of goal or lead them to the rest of our team to annihilate it.

bibi attack super

However, you have to know how to use that strategy of evasion. It is not the same to use it against The Cousin, with a base damage lower, than with a Brock that has a base damage of 1100, which can be our doom if not rematamos to that brawler to time. The way Survival it is also prone to success for Bibi, as it benefits from multipliers to increase your damage, so that you can kill an enemy in a single blow.