How to use and set the equalizer in YouTube Music

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YouTube Music is being one of the applications that are growing the most in Spain, especially before the closure of Google Play Music. So far this year, Google has been introducing a huge number of features into the app, so that we can make better use of it on our Android phones.

Along with its extensive musical catalog, one of the great advantages that we find in YouTube Music is a good quality sound. If we want to get an even better sound, within the application we find a built-in equalizer, which we can configure to our liking. Thanks to this, you can get more out of the app on Android.

This is how the equalizer is used in YouTube Music

YouTube Music settings

An equalizer will allow us to obtain a better sound, so that we listen to the music that we reproduce on YouTube Music in great detail, for a good experience. The fact that there is an equalizer integrated within the application itself makes it especially convenient to get that best sound, without the need to download third-party applications. The steps to use and configure this equalizer are:

  1. Open YouTube Music on your phone.
  2. Tap on your profile picture.
  3. Go into Settings.
  4. Click on the Equalizer option.
  5. Enter Equalizer.
  6. Select the type of equalizer you want to use.
  7. If you want to use custom, then configure each of the frequencies.

YouTube Music Equalizer

Depending on the genres of music you listen to on your account, there will be an option in this equalizer that adjusts better to what you are looking for. In addition, YouTube Music allows us to always choose the custom option, so we will be the ones who configure each of the parameters of said equalizer to our liking, being able to change this at any time, if there is something with which not We are satisfied.

In addition, in these sound settings in the application we also have other options, how to activate Dolby Sound, which will allow us to obtain a higher quality, in those Android mobiles that are compatible with this option.

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