How to upload a product to sell on Wallapop, step-by-step

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Table of Contents

From the economic crisis that erupted in 2008, one of the sectors that took advantage of the situation was the sales market. Sellers with a rush to obtain liquidity and buyers who were looking for a product a discounted price. This has continued until the present day, becoming in a parallel market where they sell almost everything. As upload products to Wallapop, the largest platform of the second hand.

And is that the Spanish company was able to draw slice and meet the needs of the population, the most devoid of savings to invest. Is more, they have been improving and expanding their services, with greater coverage of products and a high specialization in the sale of cars.

How to upload a product to Wallapop

Not to do a market survey to publish an announcement on the platform, because the interface divided by parties to the process to be super easy. Another thing is to position it for you to see the largest number of buyers possible, but that will be discussed later.

  1. In the main screen, we see the button “Upload new product” at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Before anything else, the app asked us about the category to which the product belongs. This should be pretty clear.
  3. Then, we went to a full menu where we can fill in the title of the product, a small description about your state or any relevant detail, pictures, price and shipping weightin the event that you have.
  4. Once everything is completed, we review the data and click on “Upload product”.details to upload products to wallapop
  5. And it would be published on the platform, but the app suggests to position the ad in the top positions of our area through their service premium, or share it on social networks.
  6. Nothing happens if we’ve noticed a bug just after upload it, you can edit, the pencil icon located in the upper part, as well as to make a reservation at the time that someone is interested really in the product.

Tips to keep in mind to upload a product

As we said, the process to upload products to Wallapop is really easy, even if something more complicated is highlight the listing between the rest of the vendorsdepending on the product that is worth its salt, and the aspects that we take into account before you upload it.

  • The title should be direct, but complete. We can not recharge the line to write the title of the product, but we detail your full name or qualify what this is about, especially if it is a garment.
  • The photographs, the urge, that are not those of Google. There is still the habit of uploading images downloaded from the browser, especially with technology products. Inhibits all interested in the product, so that it is really important to make the photos fairly decent, in moments of clarity, and other backlightin order to emphasize if there are scratches or not.

wallapop images internet

  • Equally important is the description. It is your opportunity to detail the product and give free rein to your skills of sale. Without going into topics, in this text, we must concretize the state of the same, time or frequency of use, as well as do not forget to inform us if there is any fault or flaw. Finally, we can add a line explaining to him that you can use or for a specific task that it fulfils its function significantly. This encourages the buyer.
  • Use key words. There is that attempt to implement both in the title, description and in tags. The algorithm of Wallapop you match these key words and makes it easier to position it above.

wallapop location

  • The proximity is also relevant. A trick that you can use is that if you do not have problem scrolling in car or arrange shipping with a transport company, the possibility of locate the product in a city it is quite viable. This can happen in the case of living in a village or away from the city. You can also see the most demand for your area.