How to unlock your Android with your voice and Google Assistant

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Table of Contents

Google Assistant is one of the most useful features with which you can count on Android. To tell the truth, many users (myself included) we don’t use usually, we prefer to keep doing it all literally by hand, instead of counting with an automated tool that facilitates the task of, for example, put a song of our favorite artist, or do a quick search. However, its capabilities are surprisingly extensive: among other things, we can even unlock our phone using only our voice and Google Assistant. It should be clarified that in all the terminals that have Android 7.0 or higher, this app should already come pre-installed as standard, but if your phone is older you can download the wizard of Google on this button.





How to activate the unlocking of the terminal by voice

To do so you’ll have to register a trusted voice with Google’s Assistant and activate the unlock by voice in the settings of the wizard. To do that in the first place you’ll need to open the Google application, click on More and click on Settings to get to this screen:

Settings of the wizard of GoogleSettings of the wizard of Google

Within Settings, we now click on Voice:

Settings Google AssistantSettings Google Assistant

Within Voice, click on Voice Match:

Options of Voice settingsOptions of Voice settings

We make sure that the option Access to Voice Match it is marked:

Voice Match activatedVoice Match activated

Once this is done, we will have to make that the microphone is not disable in any moment. We now return to the menu of the wizard of Google and click on the tab Wizard:

Menu configuration wizardMenu configuration wizard

In this tab click on A continuous conversation:

Activation of a continuous conversationActivation of a continuous conversation

In my particular case is already enabled. If yours is not, make sure you activate it. If at this time you say to your phone “Ok Google, unlock my phone”, the wizard will tell you that you can not do it, but lets you see notifications on the lock screen.

The next thing is to configure a rule for that, every time the phone is unlocked, open the launcher default and bring us to the home screen. To do this, since the configuration of the wizard of Google, go to the menu Routines:

Configuration of the routines of voiceConfiguration of the routines of voice

Within this menu, press in Add a routine:

Creation of a new routineCreation of a new routine

We add the necessary commands in the sections When and The Wizard (if you don’t use Pixel Launcher, enter the name that you use):

Routine voice customRoutine voice custom

Now when you try this command you will see that it works.

Keep in mind that for all this to work there can be no security method active: or patterns, or codes, PIN or biometric data. Unlock the terminal with voice commands is not the most secure option to our scope, even though it can be the most comfortable.