How to turn the hole in the Galaxy S20 screen into a battery indicator

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The range of the Galaxy S20 arrived at the beginning of this year in Spain. For this new generation, Samsung has opted for a hole in your screen, located in the upper central part of it. It is a small hole, which we can get more out of, apart from being the front camera of the phone.

Energy Ring is an application that will allow us to transform the screen drilling of the Galaxy S20 on a battery indicator. This was something that could already be done with the Galaxy S10 last year, and that we can also do with this family of phones. We show you how this app works.

Transform the hole in the Galaxy S20 into a battery indicator

Energy Ring Galaxy S20

Many users are looking for a simpler and more direct way to power see how much battery is available on your Galaxy S20. Energy Ring is an application that allows it in a comfortable way, with many customization options in addition, which make it especially interesting to use this application on these Samsung models. The application uses the space around said hole to indicate by lighting the amount of battery we have left.

At Energy Ring we have a series of options for set this battery indicator. We can choose the width of that ring, the colors and their effects, as well as the direction in which it will move, in order to obtain that indicator that we like the most. The options are varied, although some of them are available only in the paid version of the app.

When activating this battery indicator, when we have our Galaxy S20 turned on or press the power button, we can see it. It will be something that is shown on the phone when we are using it, but we can also choose to show it on the phone’s lock screen. You will be able to choose in which cases to be able to see this indicator on your phone in a simple way.

Energy Ring Galaxy S20 choose colors

At the interface level, Energy Ring is not complicated. The app is available in English only, but it is not a problem. The options that exist are clear and the way to choose them is simple, since they use drop-down menus, so we will not have to perform just steps to configure something in the app.

How to download Energy Ring on Android

Energy Ring is an application that we can download for free in the Play Store. This app is compatible with the three original models of this range of the Galaxy S20 (S20, S20 + and the S20 Ultra). So if you have any of these models, you will be able to use it on your phone. In the app there are some purchases, to access additional configuration options in it.

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