How to turn off notifications for any app in Android

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Table of Contents

At best this situation is familiar: you’re in the middle of a meeting, a class, or any other time of your life which requires some discretion. Suddenly, without coming to story, the phone vibrates, followed by a sound. You take it out, unlock it again if it is something important, and, not without some anger, you discover that it is a proclamation, a notification of a game, an application of transport or any other thing of little relevance. Who would put an end to these notifications irrelevant, right? As you can block notifications in Androidwithout the need of any kind of superpower or ability. It is very easy to do, we tell you how.

How to block notifications from an app

There are certain applications that allow us, from its own configuration menu, disable the receipt of notifications (the app Google is one of the most clear examples). In such cases, it would suffice to go find that option and turn it off. However, not all applications allow you to do it from their own settings, so that it is always better to block notifications manually to heal in health.

In the first place, go to Settings > Applications and notifications > See all applications:

List of installed applications

In the list, find the app that you find most annoying and pressing about it. In your management screen, now click on Notifications:

Management of an appManagement of an app

Disables the control for Show notifications to stop don’t receive the email notices of the app in question. You can also turn off notifications from your own bar. By doing long press on them you should see something like this:

Notification bar of AndroidNotification bar of Android

Tap Stop notifications to stop even.

How to enable notifications in the do Not Disturb mode

As we imagine that you already know, the do Not Disturb mode is a kind of silence selective: we can mute the whole device, only allow the alarm to sound, or that only certain apps and contacts to “find us” even though we have the phone as “dead” as possible without reaching to turn it off at all.

Usually when I turn let us get all sorts of notifications, not to be that let’s exceptions for certain applications. In this way we will ensure that, while active, calls and important messages will come to us like.

To activate these exceptions back to the path Settings > Applications and notifications > See all applications. There choose the one that you want to be shown, even if do Not Disturb is active (in this example WhatsApp), and then tap Notifications:

Configuration of WhatsappConfiguration of Whatsapp

Stay with those sections Notifications group and Notifications of message:

Configuration of the notifications of WhatsAppConfiguration of the notifications of WhatsApp

You’ll have to press in the two, so that comes first in the that you choose and activate the option Ignore do Not disturb:

Exception of WhatsApp the do Not Disturb modeException of WhatsApp the do Not Disturb mode

This way you could activate the do Not Disturb mode for those times when you’re at work, in a meeting or in a class, and make sure that you only get notifications that you choose.