How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

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Table of Contents

In the past, moving your address book from an iPhone or iPad to an Android device was quite a difficult task. However, in order to facilitate the transfer of the user from one platform to another, both Apple and Google have designed tools that are responsible for facilitating the process. Focusing on the contacts, Google Drive has acquired the ability to make a backup of your entire agenda and sync it to the cloud. Thanks to this function, you can have your calendar on any device, regardless of its operating system.

How to copy my contacts from iPhone to Google Drive

The first step you must take is to download Google Drive on your iPhone or iPad. Do it for free from the App Store.

Google Drive in the AppStore

Once installed, open the app and log in with your Google account. Tap on Sing in to continue. Do not forget that any Gmail email address It does the functions of Google account.

Sign in to Google DriveSign in to Google Drive

Then, display the main menu by clicking on the three horizontal lines that you will see in the upper left corner.

Open options menuOpen options menu

Tap on Settings.

Open Google Drive settings on iOSOpen Google Drive settings on iOS

Then open the section Backup.

Backup Settings SectionBackup Settings Section

To start copying your contacts to Google Contacts, tap Contacts.

Copying the contacts to the Google accountCopying the contacts to the Google account

Activate the option Back up to Google Contacts.

Activate Contacts BackupActivate Contacts Backup

From now on, Google Drive will take care of keeping your contacts in the cloud synchronized and associating them with your Google account. One of the advantages of this process is that both the contacts stored locally and those that you have saved in iCloud will be synchronized.

How to restore my Google contacts on an Android device

To restore your contacts to an Android device, do the following. Open the Android settings and locate the option Accounts.

Open account settingsOpen account settings

Tap on Add account.

Add account on Android deviceAdd account on Android device

Choose Google in the options list.

Add a Google accountAdd a Google account

Use your Google account credentials that you used on the iPhone to create a backup of your contacts.

Sign in to GoogleSign in to Google

When you log in, all your information will appear on the phone. In fact, the process is automatic. To check your contacts you just have to go to the phone or contacts application. Remember that you can continue using your iPhone with this option activated and that every change you make to it will be reflected in Android automatically.