How to transcribe your voice into another language with Google Translator

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Table of Contents

It is a function that takes implemented recently on the Android platform, from the latest updates of the app. Therefore, we are going to explain how to activate this tool and get the most out of it.

How does this transcript?

What is certain is that there already existed a tool that met this need, although independently to the translator, with an app known as ‘Transcription-Snapshot’. It really is an idea imported from the Google Pixelthat have this transcript, but in a more limited way because they couldn’t change the language.

It is now possible, and in addition to a very comfortable, like we change our language to translate texts as we have always done. What we can do, since the Translator of Google, is to transcribe our voice instantly and translate it to the language you have chosen previously. It is thought to act at events, conferences or conversations with inhabitants of other countries.

Everything works through the Artificial intelligence of Googlewith a motor that receives information from the environment and detects intensity of the audio, so that if our voice is located near the device, it will describe more or less accurate our words.

Activates the transcription of the Translator of Google

It is easier to do, than explain it. The only requirement is to have the app installed in the smartphone, from there we can proceed to a first test of this tool. Then we headed to the section “Transcribe” where the menu will appear to transcribe, although before we must grant the app permissions to access the microphone.transcribe voice translator google test

At the top is displayed the source language, in this case Spanish, although you can modify it in the small tab that appears to the side. Also at the top of the panel you will find the language into which to translate the text. The translator has an auto mode, that detects by itself the language, but we recommend to set it manually to avoid errors. Once configured, we can now talk to the terminal.

It also performs the reverse process

It not only translates what we say into another language, but transcribed all of the information that we receive in a language that is not mastered it, at our. In other words, transcribed than the people we want to say in your languageand if we do not understand it, the app translates it.

Google translator
Google translator

To achieve this, we invest the languages of input and output within the same menu that we mentioned in the previous section, for which the translator translates to our language and not the other way around, as was the case in the other case.