How to summon more characters

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Table of Contents

We know that there are several heroes who participate in the story, not only in person but also taking control over them for different facets of the plot. However, there are ways you can summon more characters and get more rewards if you do, apart from Amber that we get it without paying tolls.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

How to summon characters in Genshin Impact

We are going to show the ways to summon the characters to add them to our team, as well as earn from reward premium money to spend in the game. In this way, we will be able to build the squad to our liking with the characters we want, and not with those imposed by the game so to speak.

Unlock through Encounters of Fate and Intertwined Fate

They are a kind of coins that we will be able to exchange in order to summon more characters. These coins are used in the “Gachapón” menu, which is the store where these wishes are fulfilled. Unfortunately, this option is not available until the first missions have been completed. Specifically, it will appear after defeating the Stormterror Dragon, being able to access the Seat of the Knights of Favonius.

gachapon genshin impact

Going to the unlocked menu, we can choose to ‘Standard destinations’ or ‘Limited destinations’. To get a character, it is more advisable to use the second pack, since they guarantee us first-level rewards and characters to be able to summon. The prizes are obtained at random, you cannot acquire items by finger.

Beginner’s Wish in Genshin Impact

Alluding to the expression ‘the luck of the beginner’, this option gives us the possibility of unlocking characters with total security. To do this, we must acquire up to 20 wishes from this menu, without accessing any other. We must first spend this desire of the beginner so that we get a guaranteed hero.

summon characters

Our first invocation of 10 wishes will give us yes or yes to noelle character, a heroine who uses a great sword as a weapon. Meanwhile, the second invocation of another 10 wishes will give us a high-level character, although this is totally random. Getting two high-level fighters early in the game can be very valuable.

Get to summon 4 or 5 star characters and weapons

In either of the two types of wishes in the game, you will be rewarded with characters or weapons of level 3, 4 or 5 stars. Obviously, we are more interested in getting items from the last two levels, although the chances of getting them through wishes are lower, let’s see how we can guarantee these rewards a little more:

  • 4 star elements: If you buy 9 wishes and you have not received any 4-star character or weapon until then, then one of them will be guaranteed at the number 10 of wish purchased. This counter is reset in case of drawing an item with 4 stars or higher. The account is not transferable between different wishes.
  • 5 Star Items: If you’ve never earned a 5-star item out of 89 total wishes, your 90th wish is guaranteed to get a 5-star character or weapon. This counter is reset in case of a 5-star item. The account is not transferable between different wishes.

Is it better to make 1-in-1 or 10-in-10 wishes?

To summon characters in Genshin Impact, wishes can be order 1 by 1 or 10 by 10. This translates into the number of runs and the items we will get. In general there is not any change when ordering them in one way or another, but the management of runs does change.

genshin impact coins

If you make wishes 1 in 1, you will be able to better adjust your attempts to get items you want, since you can touch what interests you in the fourth roll, for example, and you you will be saving 6 spins more than maybe you didn’t need them. On the other hand, if you ask 10 by 10 wishes, you can save time to go faster or, especially, receive a special discount on the cost of intertwined wishes. This option is more recommended if you are going to buy a lot of wishes at once.