How to speed up the updates of MIUI in mobile Xiaomi

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How to speed up the updates of MIUI in mobile Xiaomi

If you’re waiting for a update for your mobile Xiaomi there are a couple of tricks that speed it up, at least a few days: since the system options and with the program, My Pilot. We show you how you can get access to both, and what should you consider before you sign up.

If we know something about what owners of a Android phone is that updates come when they come and never fast enoughbut not all brands are delayed to the same extent. There are even ways to get those updates to arrive a little before, as it happens with the mobile phones of Xiaomi. Do you hang out waiting for a new version that does not finish landing? You have a couple of ways to speed up your arrival.

The option “Receive updates before’

Speed up Updates Mobile Xiaomi

MIUI has tons of adjustments and settings, not in vain is one of the layers with greater possibilities of customization. And also include options that are intended to to enhance the experience of face to a next update: install automatically, to download updates with mobile data and that we are interested, ‘to Receive updates before’.

To speed up the arrival of the news in mobile Xiaomi have to do the following on your phone:

  • Go to settings and go into ‘About phone’.
  • Go to ‘system Update’ and tap the three dots upper menu.
  • Click on ‘update Settings’.
  • There you will see the option mentioned: ‘To receive updates before‘. Tap on it.

From this time Xiaomi should have your phone on account to be included in the first waves of each update. Itself does not accelerate too much the process, but yes you could get ahead some days. With a disadvantage: when being the first, maybe you find some errors in the update. You must take this into account.

Enters the program testers of the ‘My Pilot’

Speed up Updates Mobile Xiaomi

The beta versions of MIUI a long time ago that they ceased to be available for global users since Xiaomi’s limited to chinese territory. Even so, there is still the program ‘My Pilot’, a voluntary option with which you can test before updates for some models. Currently the program testers official MIUI Global and Stable is open, so you have nothing to lose by signing: perhaps update ahead of time.

To enter the program My Pilot Xiaomi you must perform the following process:

  • Access to the global web program.
  • Click on ‘Click and register now’ and enter the data of your phone, and also email.
  • Once you send the request Xiaomi will not notify anythingso don’t expect an e-mail notice. In the event that your mobile has entered the group of tests of the future ROM yes you will receive a notice to install it.

Despite the fact that the program My Pilot international is based in ROMs as stable and global that doesn’t imply that they are free of errors: remember that install its updates can make your phone to become unstable. Consider it before signing and, above all, before installing an OTA, if finally accepted your mobile phone in the program. Currently, the mobile fit to enter in the program are:

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How to speed up the updates of MIUI in mobile Xiaomi

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