How to see the songs you’ve recently listened to on Spotify

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Table of Contents

Spotify for Android

Spotify is the most popular music listening application among Android users in Spain. An application that is continuously updated with new functions, such as searching for songs by lyrics. If you use the app regularly, you may listen to a large number of songs on a daily basis from your account.

The songs we listen to on Spotify they don’t always belong on our playlists, but are sometimes suggestions from the application itself. If you want to see what songs were those that you have played, there is a way to access the songs that you have recently listened to in your account.

View song history on Spotify

Spotify view song history

Either because you have played songs that you did not have in your lists and you want to search for a specific one or simply to see which ones you have recently played in your account, the application has a method to see them. Although it is a method that requires several steps, because in Spotify we do not have a history section natively, where to see the music we have played. Fortunately, this method is not complex:

  1. Open Spotify on your phone.
  2. Click on Library.
  3. Click on the button to create a new playlist.
  4. Give this list a name.
  5. Click on the button to Add songs.
  6. You get a box with a list of suggestions, and at the bottom you can see that you can slide to the sides. Swipe to the fourth box, called “Recently Heard.”
  7. Here you can see the songs you have recently listened to on your account.

In this list Spotify shows us the songs that we have listened most recently in our account. It’s about the last 100 songs we’ve heard, only individual songs. That is, if there is a song that you have listened to several times in these weeks, it only comes out once, although depending on when you last heard it, it will come out in a higher position in that list.

If there is a song you were looking for, you can add it to this playback or later to a different one. This is currently the only method in the application to see the history, so if you want to see the last 100 songs that you’ve played, it’s an easy thing to do.

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