How to see if the Galaxy Store has updates available quickly

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For those users in Spain with a Samsung mobile, the annoyance of having application updates that come from the Play Store and the Galaxy Store it is something known. If you have brand applications on your phone, they will be updated through the brand’s own store, which usually informs you if there is an update available.

Typically, if updates are available for Samsung apps, a notification is displayed on the screen, although this is not always the case. Luckily, there is a quick and very simple way to check if the Galaxy Store has updates available for us.

Check for Galaxy Store updates easily

Samsung Galaxy Store check for updates

This is a similar method to the one that can be used with Google Play on Android, if we want to quickly see if there is an update available for us. Thanks to this method, it will not be necessary to open the Galaxy Store and then check if any of the Samsung applications that we have installed on the phone have an update for us. The steps to follow in this case are:

  1. Find the Galaxy Store on your phone’s home screen.
  2. Long press on the store icon.
  3. Click on the Updates option.
  4. Wait for the store to open.
  5. Check which apps are on the update list.
  6. Click Update all or select the app you want to update.

This method makes check for updates to your Samsung apps be something simpler, since we have fewer steps in this process. So we can see at any time if there are updates available for the applications, without having to wait for the phone to show us that notification. A fast way, which speeds up a process on your Samsung phone, so it is sure that it helps you a lot, especially since the Galaxy Store is not usually the store of preference for users.

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