How to scan documents with Android

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Table of Contents

There are multiple applications that allow digitize documents on Android. If you are a user of any of the most popular storage services, you already have a complete scanner in your hands. Of course, there are also tools dedicated to this task. In any case, it seems that it is time to leave the traditional scanner behind.

Scan documents with major storage services

First, we show you how to scan documents with Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox.

Scan documents with Google Drive

Go to any folder on your unit and click on the button represented by the + symbol.

Add item to Drive

Now, tap on Scan to start capturing.

Scan to Google DriveScan to Google Drive

Press the shutter to start the scan.

Shutter on Google DriveShutter on Google Drive

Adjust the content of the final PDF. You can modify the color of the paper, flip the document or cut it thanks to the three buttons that you see indicated in the image.

Settings button in Google DriveSettings button in Google Drive

You can add more pages by clicking on the button that you will see in the lower left corner.

Add more pagesAdd more pages

If everything is to your liking, use Save to save the changes. The PDF file will be saved in the folder where you were located.

Save PDF to DriveSave PDF to Drive

Scan documents with OneDrive

Open OneDrive and locate the folder where you want to upload the document. Click on the camera button.

Start upload to OneDriveStart upload to OneDrive

Select option Document and tap on the shutter to capture the document. In this case, you have additional options to capture a whiteboard, a contact card, or simply take a photo.

Capture to OneDriveCapture to OneDrive

Using the top keypad, adjust color, crop, flip the document, if necessary, and add annotations.

Editing optionsEditing options

Thanks to the button Add New you can add more pages to your file.

Add more pages to OneDriveAdd more pages to OneDrive

Tap on Donate to end. Like in Google Drive, the PDF file will be stored in the folder where you were located.

Finalize document in OneDriveFinalize document in OneDrive

Scan documents with Dropbox

From the Dropbox home page, use the button located at the bottom of the screen to get started.

Upload content to DropboxUpload content to Dropbox

Tap on Scan document.

Scan to DropboxScan to Dropbox

Use the shutter to capture.

Dropbox shutterDropbox shutter

Now adjust the document thanks to the editing options.

Editing options in DropboxEditing options in Dropbox

As in the rest of the cases, you can add more content to your PDF by clicking on Add page.

Add page to PDFAdd page to PDF

To finish, click on the upper arrow.

Confirm captureConfirm capture

Finally, select the name of your file, the format and the folder where you want to save it. Use the button in the upper right corner to confirm.

Save to DropboxSave to Dropbox

Scan documents to PDF with Adobe Scan

If you are a user of any of the storage services mentioned above, the easiest option for you is to use the scanner included in their respective clients. However, you may not use any of the platforms mentioned or prefer to use more specific tools. In that case, Adobe Scan is the perfect solution.

Once you have installed your application, open it and log in with your preferred method. Once this is done, the application will open the camera directly. Choose Document and hover over the document. Adobe Scan will detect it and scan it automatically.

Automatic Adobe ScanAutomatic Adobe Scan

Adjust the content of your document and click on Continue.

Fit Document Content in Adobe ScanFit Document Content in Adobe Scan

Scan more pages, if necessary. If you’re done, tap on the document thumbnail.

Finish scan in Adobe ScanFinish scan in Adobe Scan

Give it a name and use the settings to customize your scan.

Scan options in Adobe ScanScan options in Adobe Scan

To finish, use Save PDF to save the changes.

Save PDF to Adobe ScanSave PDF to Adobe Scan

In this case, the document will be saved in the Adobe cloud. Obviously, you can save it to your device easily. Just use the button More.

More scanning optionsMore scanning options

Then tap on Copy to device.

Copy to deviceCopy to device

Once this is done, the document will have been stored in the internal memory of your phone.