How to rotate a video on Android

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Table of Contents

One of the most common mistakes made when recording video with your mobile phone is doing it in the wrong orientation. Sometimes, the device itself does not interpret well what position it is in and this ends up affecting the final result of the capture. Fortunately, rotating a video on Android is a very simple task. In this article we explain how to do it with Google Photos, the favorite application of many users to store their memories, and with InShot, a complete video editor.

How to rotate a video on Android with Google Photos

The Google Photos application is installed by default on most devices. Natively, it allows rotate any video quickly and without too much fuss. The first thing you should do is locate the video and open it. Then, click on the settings button.

video settings in Google Photos

Click on the icon that you will see in the right margin of the screen.

Rotating video in Google PhotosRotating video in Google Photos

Use this button as many times as necessary to rotate the video and adjust it to your preferences. Once you are done, click on Save copy. The video will be saved in a different file from the original.

Save a copySave a copy

How to rotate a video on Android with InShot

If you are not a Google Photos user and you usually store your captures on the device itself, you can use InShot, a versatile and complete video editor. As usual, you can immediately download your installation file safely in Malavida.

Once you have the InShot application installed on your device, open it and click on Video.

open video in InShotopen video in InShot

Select a video from your gallery and tap the confirmation button to start editing it.

Start editStart edit

In the lower list of options, locate the option Rotate. Use it as many times as necessary to adjust the orientation of the video to your needs.

Rotation in inshotRotation in inshot

Finally, use the button Save to save a copy of the video.

Save edited videoSave edited video

Being a more advanced editor than Google Photos, by using InShot you have the ability to choose the resolution of the resulting video. Select 1080p to export in FullHD resolution. On the contrary, if you want to quickly share your video on social networks or through instant messaging, it is advisable to use an HD resolution. Do so by selecting the 720p option.

Choose resolutionChoose resolution

Remember that you will have the final result by navigating, in the file system of your terminal, to the folder Movies and then InShot.