How to remove bloatware or pre-installed apps with Lucky this program

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Table of Contents

Is happening less frequently, but still annoying to see how the manufacturers fill their phones with apps pre-installed. Meanwhile, the user has to endure, without the possibility of deleting them, applications that probably don’t use in your life. At least, there is a form of factory that allows it, but yes, there is a way to remove the bloatware with Lucky This Program.

The bloatware, for the skeptics, it’s not about the apps that provide a minimal functionality to the software, such as gallery, camera, file explorer, etc When we try this term, we mean that they tend to be programs that take up a large amount of resources on the device, without providing added value to the software. On the contrary, hinder the experience of the interface.

Why is there bloatware on the phone?

Before this accumulation of disadvantages, the fact of including pre-installed apps seems to be an idea even more twisted. However, there is a response that we are going to be very simple to understand. and is that most of these apps are designed by third-party companies, so it is not a coincidence that they are there as advertisements for a particular company.

Thus, the mobile manufacturers looking for extra profitsapart from the sales to the consumer. These companies pay to include their apps in the interface in a fixed manner, with great collaborations that tend to leave a good trail of money. The same happens with the teleoperadoras, although they are less applications that come from these companies.

How to remove the bloatware with Lucky this program

Luckily, we have at our disposal the Lucky this program, an app that allows you to remove all those programs that we do not wish to have installed in our software. Currently, it is much easier to use than before, as it does in the beginning required permissions to root for their correct operation. This is no longer necessary, so simply download the APK from the browser.

To have the Lucky this program on our terminal and begin to manage all the apps installed, you must follow these steps:

  1. When you download the file, which can be from the own page that has been developedwe must select an option before you install the app. Otherwise it will not be implemented correctly.
  2. Appears to us to be a pop-up Play, Protect, which prevents the installation of Lucky this program, although if you click on “Details”, where you will also get another button named as “Install anyway”.lucky this program to remove bloatware
  3. Once inside, we are shown all of the apps on your device. Each of them is classified by a color, which determines the degree of difficulty to remove it, although we should not make a lot of case.
  4. To remove apps from the system, click on the magnifying glass located in the top right, clicking then on “Filters” and then selecting “system Applications”.lucky this program to uninstall
  5. We navigated through the menu until you find the app in question, and delete it. I must say that this process is not reversible later.
  6. Finally, clicking on “Disable package (freeze)”. And would already be disabled in the system, although continue to appear in the interface. Yes, this step is only available for root users.