How to remove a Google account on Android

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Google has turned Android into a operating system extremely dependent on your services. Therefore, having an open session with the Google account has become almost essential. Otherwise, many of the applications that users use in their day to day stop working, in part or completely. All in all, using Android without the Google account is not impossible. In fact, deleting said account is a very simple task. Do you want to find out how to do it? We show it to you.

How to delete the Google account from your Android

The first thing you should do is go to the settings application. In it, locate the section Accounts and access it.

2 Account options2 Account options

In the list that you will see below, click on your Google account to see more options.

3 Select Google account3 Select Google account

Under the sync settings, you will find the button Remove account. Tap on it to remove your Google account.

Delete Google account on AndroidDelete Google account on Android

In the popup dialog, use the button Remove account to confirm.

  Confirm account deletionConfirm account deletion

After doing this, your Google account it will no longer be operational on the device. For practical purposes, what are the consequences of deleting the Google account on Android? Well, most of the Google applications lose features or simply stop working. For example, if you store your contacts in Google Contacts, your address book will be completely gone.

Empty contact listEmpty contact list

In the case of Google Chrome, you will lose all your information, such as bookmarks, history or passwords. However, in this case the application is functional and allows you to continue browsing the Internet.

Chrome out of syncChrome out of sync

The app store is completely unusable. If your desire to delete the Google account on your device is firm, we recommend that you install alternative application stores or download your APKs from Malavida.

Google Play without Google accountGoogle Play without Google account

And, to finish, one last example. Google Photos continues to show the multimedia files that are in the storage of your device, but you will lose access to your photos synchronized in the cloud and you will not be able to make a backup.

Google Photos without Google accountGoogle Photos without Google account

As you can see, an Android phone without a Google account is left without many popular functions, which are used by a large number of people every day. If you want to get back to normal, don’t worry. You can reverse the situation.

How to sign in with a Google account on Android

Signing in again with your Google account is very easy. Go to the phone settings and tap on Google.

Google options in settingsGoogle options in settings

So, use the button Sign in to your Google Account.

Sign in with Google on AndroidSign in with Google on Android

Finally, enter your email and click on Next.

Enter Google credentialsEnter Google credentials

Follow the steps in the wizard to link your account again. Immediately, all Google applications will work correctly again, as they did before logging out.