How to Recover Deleted Photos on Instagram with New Recycle Bin

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Table of Contents

How to Recover Deleted Photos on Instagram with New Recycle Bin

Instagram has been wearing overalls for a long time introducing different improvements Y new features at your service. The last thing that comes to us is the classic Recycle Bin that we find in many applications and that appears here to allow us to rescue those photos that we have recently deleted.

How long is it recently? Well, as Instagram itself indicates about each photograph: a maximum of 30 days. This is a feature that has been implemented recently and it may take a while to appear in your app, but we show you how to use it and rescue recently deleted photos on your Instagram with this simple tutorial.

How to rescue photos from Instagram trash

Delete The photographs on Instagram are deleted as always, but now we will have the notice of the existence of the trash

As we said, Instagram sets a month as the maximum period that photos will be stored in the trash before being permanently eliminated. To delete these photographs we will follow the usual procedure, going to the photograph that we want to delete and choosing ‘Delete’ among its options. The difference is that now Instagram will notify us that they will be stored in this new recycle bin.

The Instagram recycle bin lands, however, in a place that is not too visible and that we want to change in the next updates that include redesigns of the interface. So we’re going to show you how to get to this recycle bin to find your last deleted photos and be able to rescue them.

To find the Instagram recycle bin we have to go to our account first. To do this, we will display the Instagram options on its main screen (last tab on the right, three horizontal lines from the upper right in Android) and there we click on ‘Settings’ at the bottom.

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Once in ‘Settings’ we can go directly to ‘Account’ to access an expanded number of options in which we will find ‘Recently deleted’, just between ‘Posts you liked’ and ‘Brand content tools’. We access that section ‘Recently deleted ‘ and there we will have the publications that we have deleted in the last month. Each one will have a specific number of days on top, a number that corresponds to the time remaining for them to be permanently eliminated.

Restore Restoring deleted Instagram photos step by step

Now we will only have to access the photograph that we want to restore from among all those that the application shows us. Once inside we can choose between restoring them with ‘Restore’ or eliminate them permanently with ‘Delete’. With the last option, the photo will disappear from the recycle bin forever. With the first, the photograph will return to the original place it occupied in our list of photographs published on the web. In any case, both options will ask us for confirmation before finally deleting or restoring the photo.

Let’s go through the steps point by point:

  • We go to the last lower tab on the right side.
  • Once there, click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right to open the menu.
  • In this menu we choose ‘Setting’ on the bottom.
  • In ‘Settings’ we go to the section’Account’.
  • Then we navigate to ‘Recently Deleted ‘.
  • We choose the photograph that we want to restore and enter it.
  • Once inside we click on ‘Restore’.
  • We verify that we are restoring the image voluntarily and voila, the photograph will return to its original place.

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How to Recover Deleted Photos on Instagram with New Recycle Bin

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