How to recover deleted messages of WhatsApp with Car RDM, including videos and photos

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Despite the fact that the WhatsApp messages are deleted for all there is always a chance to recover them. And apps as Self-RDM makes it possible: this free app can restore text messages, photos and videos deleted automatically. And many more functions, such as writing to a number of WhatsApp without adding it to the agenda.

How many times have you seen the notice ‘Message deleted’ in a conversation, and you’ve wondered what I would have said the contact to delete it? Applications like WhatsApp allow go back in time to revoke your consent and remove sharingbut there is always a trail. And apps as Self-RDM can recover: with this new app you can see what has been said in your groups even if you weren’t reading. All in a comfortable way: the app itself it is responsible for letting you know if a message was deleted.

Restorer of messages and multimedia content

Recover Deleted Messages Whatsapp

The ‘magic’ that makes possible the functioning of these apps is in the notification service: given that WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram and company reported all interactions, this trail it is recorded whenever there is an app that will keep vigilant. There are many applications of this style, ourselves we have recommended some. And Self-RDM won us by its simplicity, its effectiveness, because it allows you to retrieve the multimedia content and also because it offers added functions that are very useful.

Auto RDM is sufficiently clean in terms of permissions and privacy, although its use is implicit the risk: given that you should read all the notifications of your phoneyou must value that to use it you compensate. Beyond this, Self-RDM access to storage (to save the deleted files), calls start automatically (so it does not leak any message) and prevent the saving of energy (to stay always in the background). Is clean enough to recommend it.

Recover Deleted Messages Whatsapp

The design is simple, also quite polished. You can add any application: Auto RDM will monitorizarla in search of deleted content. WhatsApp is the most obvious, but you can also use Self-RDM to retrieve conversations Telegram, Facebook Messenger or Instagram, Direct, for example.

Auto RDM will notify you if someone has deleted a message, both text and video or photo

The app will monitor constantly the notifications for deleted messages. And when detected will give a warning: you’ll be able to read such messages in the column Chats (which are divided by contact and conversation). In the case you deleted a photo or video, that content will be recorded in the column ‘Means of communication’: you’ll be able to get it back even though it disappear from the conversations. And if you want to Self-RDM monitor specific words, you can add them on the tab ‘Watchdog’: the application will send a notification of all the chats that use these words (very useful to flee from the wedding invitations).

Recover Deleted Messages Whatsapp

In addition to the recovery of messages, Self-RDM allows you to clean your phone of files downloaded by WhatsApp, you can save your states and even includes a very useful option: to send messages without that the contact is in your address book. What you want to talk to the plumber, for example? Use the ‘Chat live’ (lower right), write your number and tell him what you want. It will create a conversation on WhatsApp without having to keep your phone number, but they will see yours.

Auto RDM works very well, although you have several recommendations in mind:

  • The app is unable to retrieve messages that have been deleted before the install them.
  • The voice notes can’t be retrieved.
  • Auto RDM can not save the messages if you open the chat which were deleted: please remember that there has to be a notification for which there is record.
  • You don’t have to mute the notifications: in this case, the deleted messages could not be read.
Recover Deleted Messages Whatsapp

You can download Self-RDM and use it for free without a problem, although it includes ads. These can be removed with a purchase within the application 2.19 euros. What do you want the version to ‘premium’ for free? The developer is giving away codes in XDA Developers.

Self-RDM - Recover deleted messages

Self-RDM – Retrieve deleted messages

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How to recover deleted messages of WhatsApp with Car RDM, including videos and photos

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