How to record video calls on any Android app

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Table of Contents

Doesn’t have to have a perverse reason, may simply be as a memory of a conversation with that person who we only see once a year, or to perpetuate a bet that can’t be forgotten, or even for a job interview. So, we are going to show you how to get it to record video calls.

Do you allow these recordings?

It is a delicate topic to record the calls and save the conversations. There are several cases that can occur, and they differ with regard to their legality, since it all lies in if we are part of the conversation or not. We recall that according to article 18.3 of the Constitution, can only be recorded a conversation if it is part of it so it is not allowed for third partiesnot to be an agent of the Body of the State duly authorized. As long as we comply with that premise, there are no legal problems to record video calls.

Yes, always and when do not be made public nor be disseminated by the network, that is for personal use only, and as we have mentioned a few lines above. In the case of failure to comply with this condition, it would be in breach of article 2 of the Organic Law on Data Protection.

Of all forms, and as the best things can be done, it is alerting the other party that we are going to do, so as not to have any problem.

How to record video calls

Many applications do not allow the recording of the video call from the mobile (thing that is more common from a PC), at least for the moment. Therefore, we must resort to an alternative external to achieve our purpose, always with the objective that requires little time and is free, something they appreciate our pockets.

Today, the only way in Android is to record directly what happens on the screen of the smartphone. To do this, there are many options to choose from in the Play Store, but for the purposes of this tutorial, we have and choose one. The chosen one is AZ Screen Recorderbut there are many more that offer similar functions.

AZ Screen Recorder - No Root

Before performing the video call, we make sure that the app captures both the video and the audio of the conversation. To do this, open the recorder, but will only show a floating icon that can move to any part of the screen. If we work it, it will show a drop down with several options, selecting the sign of gear, regarding the menu of “Settings”. From there, we make sure that the option “Record audio” is checked. how to record screen video

Once checked, and with the same floating icon, we are going to record the video call. Before you start, or during it, click on the icon of a camcorder in miniature, the app will ask if you are sure, click on “Start now” and it will start automatically with a countdown. There is nothing to do more, we can only edit the recording afterwardsto add effects or remove items that we do not wish to appear in the video.