How to record the screen of your mobile without download apps

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There are times that making a catch is not enough and you need a method that enable the recording screen and audio of the phone. How do you do it? The most logical thing is to look for an application that allows, but probably will not be necessary: what’s more likely is that your phone already has screen recording. Is something that include brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei Honor, OPPO or Realme, among many others.

To make a screenshot on the phone is something universal that all the Android smartphones allow (power button and volume down at the same time), but the same thing happens with the screen recording? This action is not universal in Android, Google has begun to incorporate it in version 11that it is currently in beta. Even so, most manufacturers include their own recording mode on the screen: either in the app itself as well as from the quick settings or game mode.

How to record the screen on mobile Samsung

Record Screen Mobile Samsung

The custom interface of this manufacturer, One UI (both in its version 1 as at One UI 2.0) includes the recording of the screen. This function is available both as a fast setting such as within the games mode, also in the form of application itself (depends on the version of One UI). Let’s look at how you can record everything that happens on your phone:

  • Search for the app ‘screen Recording’. If it is available, just open it and click on the icon to record when you want. After recording at the end and ready.
  • In the case that you do not have application, pull down the quick settings from your Samsung (swipe down from the top of the screen) and look for an icon that says ‘Record’ screen. Click there, choose the audio settings (it is recommended to leave ‘Sounds and multimedia microphone’) and tap on start recording.
  • In the event that you do not see the icon (or available to add), opens up the ‘Game Launcher’.
  • Tap the menu and then click ‘Add applications’. Incorporates those apps which you want to record the screen (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram…).
  • Open the application you want to record and you will see that in the notification bar appears with the option ‘Game booster’. Tightens there.
  • You will see the option to ‘Record’ screen. Tap it, and will be recorded in video and audio all that you do.

How to record the screen on mobile Xiaomi

Record Screen Mobile Xiaomi

Xiaomi also has an app to record screen on your layer custom MIUI. And, like Samsung, provides different ways to activate the recording:

  • Looking between all the applications you have installed that is called ‘Recorder screen‘.
  • Click on the orange icon of record, which appears in the lower right. In addition, you can set the recording quality in the settings, top right (cog wheel).
  • You can also record the screen from your quick fit: displays the notifications and look for the icon ‘Recorder’screen.
  • A third way is to add applications to ‘Game Turbo’, the launcher games MIUI. Opens and the launcher, click on the ‘+’ to add a game and enter the app to record.
  • Open the app and you will see a small tab on one side, are the settings of Game Turbo. Despli√©galos by sliding to the right.
  • Click on the icon of the camcorder and it will record your screen.

How to record the screen on mobile Huawei and Honor

Record Screen phones Huawei

Huawei has been expanding the possibilities of your own software to offer almost everything that the user needs. Own applications for almost everything, store apps and up services that replace the Google Play. And also has its own option to record the screen, so you can use it:

  • In mobile Huawei and Honor you have access to the recording screen from the quick settings, the area of shortcuts that appears when you deploy the notifications. Looking there ‘screen Recording’ and click the button.
  • Agree to the permissions and the recorder will begin to operate.
Record Screen Android Mobile
  • If the button of the recorder screen does not appear in your quick settings, click on the pencil icon and add to accesses assets (drag it from the bottom to the top).
  • EMUI also includes a direct access to the recording: by default is activated by pressing and holding the power button and volume up (the volume button contrary to the screenshot).

How to record the screen on mobile OPPO and Realme

Record Screen Mobile Oppo

ColorOS (and RealmeOSalso provides a native feature to the users so that they can easily record the screen. The method to achieve this goal is the following:

  • Displays the quick settings of the phone (in the notification area) and look for the icon ‘Start recording’screen.
  • If you don’t have the quick fit tap the edit icon (the square of dots, to the left of the nut) and drag the access to the recording until the settings area, upper (those that are displayed on the phone).
  • Another way is to add the application you want to record the ‘Space games’. Open that application and add the app with the ‘+’.
Record Screen Mobile Oppo
  • When you open the application built-in to ‘Space games’ you will see a small tab at the top right of the screen. Pull it towards the center: you will see the options of games.
  • Click on ‘screen Recording’ and logs everything that you want.

Does your mobile not have app screen? Download

Android Record Screen

Unfortunately, and due to that Google has not entered the recording screen as a default function in Android (yet), not all manufacturers added the possibility to record your phones. So, if you lack this feature, do not have more choice to download an app from Google Play.

There are many applications of this style. We have tested a good number of them, and one of our top recommendations will always be Rec. It is a free app, it has some ads, it offers an in-app purchase to remove them (to 2.69 euros), it includes a large number of options and it works very well on most phones. Yes, it is not perfect: due to the huge variety of Android devices, it may be the case that yours is not functioning correctly.



What you should keep in mind when you record the screen

  • You must make sure that you have permission to record the screen. If you are having a conversation with someone, and that conversation is private, you need to consult with the other person before you start recording.
  • Not always going to record correctly the sound. Google imposed restrictions on the microphone in the latest versions of Android, so that it will not be recorded to the audio calls or video calls. The image does not usually have problems.
  • Not all apps allow the screen recording, not all manufacturers enable. Samsung, for example, does not let you record the screen (with the app of series) in the video: the recording stops.
  • Adjusts the video quality and the bitrate (if available) to your requirements. If you record a game it is best to put a minimum of 1080p resolution, but if it is another application may not need such high quality. Remember that the video recordings take up a lot of space.
  • The screen recordings are saved as videos in the gallery. When you stop recording you always get the file appears accessible in the notification bar: click on the notice and you will be able to play the last recording.

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How to record the screen of your mobile without download apps

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