How to record phone calls on Android

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Table of Contents

You can easily record a call on Android if you use the right tools. From Android 9 Pie, Google is making it difficult to use these types of tools with the aim of improving the privacy and security of the system. However, even if you have a device with Android 10, you have the ability to record the conversations you have over the phone without too many complications.

Keep in mind that call recording is regulated differently depending on the country in which you reside. For example, in Spain you can record a conversation if you participate in it directly. However, the use you make of that recording may have legal consequences, especially if you use it to reveal and disseminate personal matters, which violate the privacy of your interlocutor. If we are talking, rather, of capturing a call in which we do not participate, Spanish law explicitly prohibits it. In any case, whenever you record a conversation it is essential that you inform all the participants. In addition, it is important that you make sure which laws regulate this aspect in your country or region and what you must do to respect them.

Record calls on an Android with Cube ACR

After this clarification, we show you how to record a call from an Android device. This guide has been made using a terminal with Android 10 without root access, but the app is compatible with any version of Android from 4.4. First of all, download Cube ACR Android, you can use the link below to get its latest version quickly and safely.

Once the installation is finished, open the app and grant the necessary permissions. Tap on Grant Permissions to continue.

Grant permissionsGrant permissions

Grant the necessary permissions by tapping on Allow.

Accept Cube ACC permissionsAccept Cube ACC permissions

Now, enable the Cube ACR service in the accessibility menu. To do this, click on Enable App Connector.

Enable accessibility connectorEnable accessibility connector

Then, click on Installed services.

Accessibility servicesAccessibility services

Activate the option Cube App Connector.

Enable Cube ACR in the accessibility menuEnable Cube ACR in the accessibility menu

From this moment, everything is ready to start recording. Keep the app open and dial a phone number. Automatically, Cube ACR will appear overlaid on the call. Recording will start automatically. You can stop it at any time by pressing on the microphone.

Call recording startedCall recording started

When finished, open this tool and click on the call you want to play. Tap on Play to start playback.

Play callPlay call

All recordings will be saved to internal storage, in a folder called CubeCallRecorder.