How to play with two accounts of the Pokémon GO in the same mobile

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Table of Contents

Clear that these two accounts should be different, but the key is that they can be played from the same smartphone, if you need to possess another. This is something that comes as ring to the finger in those families that have several members playing or for groups of friends. Even if once we lost our old account, create another, and we have returned to retrieve the one we had before, so that now it is possible to lead the two forward. I teach the following tricks:

Duplicate applications from the settings

It is an option becoming more common on Android devices, though still are not present on many terminals. To check if we have this option, we head to “Settings” and navigate around the menu until you find “Applications dual”, “Duplicate application” or something like that. This will allow us to create a copy, in this case, the game Pokémon GO and start simultaneously.applications dual pokémon go

Obviously we will need to split the screen to view the two items at the same timealthough it will probably not be a problem to enable this function. From Android Marshmallow until the current version, the function multi-window is built natively on the operating systems. If for some reason this option is not available in the terminal, we have an app external that will accomplish this task.

Screens - Multi Window Manager
Screens - Multi Window Manager

Use Pararell Space

If, for any reason, either by seniority or by the policy of the manufacturer, we do not have duplication of applications, we can turn to this app. It offers us the possibility to clone the Pokemon game GO, creating another shortcut to start it independently of the original. app parallel space to pokémon go

Its operation is simple, as it does not require any permission or there are no process to start. Just access the app, select what you want to clone, and is already. With the cloning already generated, login with the new account that you want to insert, and won’t have to configure anything on the account with the original game.

Parallel Space-Multi Accounts
Parallel Space-Multi Accounts

Duplicate Google Play Store

There is a third way. Something more elaborate within the simplicity that engages in the tutorial that we have made, but just as valid. Through an app called Island, which is in the phase of Early Access, we will double automatically the Google Play store.

duplicate the google play store for pokémon go

Open the app and instantly generate another shortcut, in which we must log on again with the same Google account or a different one, as whatever you prefer. From there, we download Pokémon GO, and it will be possible to login with another profile than the one that we had. By methods will not be, and we repeat that we need the split screen to display two games at the same time.